What kind of ambulance does medex medical transport use?

What kind of ambulance does medex medical transport use?

What kind of ambulance does medex medical transport use?

MedExMedical Transport is a Basic and Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, specializing in non-emergency and emergency transports. We aim to provide the highest quality of medical transportation to the patients, facilities, and communities we serve. Learn More Medical Transportation Mobile Healthcare Managed Transportation Disaster Response

What kind of medical billing does Medex offer?

MedEx currently offers full-service medical billing for Emergency ambulances, not-for-profit ambulances, Advanced Life Support, First Response agencies, Aeromedical transport companies, Municipalities, and others.

Where does Medix Ambulance Service take place in Oregon?

Medix Ambulance Service currently provides advanced life support 9-1-1 ambulance response for all of Clatsop County in Oregon and parts of Pacific County, Washington. With more than 6,500 ambulance requests for service and approximately 7,000 requests for wheelchair service annually, Medix Ambulance continues to meet or exceed…

How to contact medex medical transport in North Carolina?

MedEx Medical Transport | Emergency & Non-Emergency Transportation Medex Medical Transport is the premier provider of non-emergency and emergency transportation serving Ahoskie and central North Carolina. Call us at 855.329.1003 • Have an emergency?

How is Medex transportation licensed in New Jersey?

Our vehicles and staff are fully licensed and certified by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Department of Transportation. Medex Transportation Inc’s number one priority is to offer the best possible patient care.

Who is the largest air ambulance service provider?

Our air ambulance services are provided through an alliance with Air Methods, America’s largest and most experienced air medical operator in the country. Our alliance with Air Methods exemplifies our commitment to quality patient care and excellent customer service.