What kind of chronograph is the Sellita sw500?

What kind of chronograph is the Sellita sw500?

What kind of chronograph is the Sellita sw500?

Sellita’s SW500 and SW600 family is a group of automatic chronograph movements based on the Valjoux 7750 design. The Sellita SW500 family is considered a clone of the ETA/Valjoux 7750 family, though there are many more variations available in this Sellita line. Many parts are interchangeable between these movements and their ETA cousins, however.

Can a sw300 movement be used in a ETA watch?

The idea is that a SW300 or SW500 movement will fit in place of any 2892 or 7750 in a watch that was designed for them. This is important and Sellita wants brands to drop in their movements where an ETA movement used to sit. Aside from Sellita, I don’t think anyone has what it takes to provide ETA quality stuff.

Is the sw200 the same quality as the sw500?

Sellita says that they will be the same quality as well, and considering the popularity of the SW200 in the market, they are likely not embellishing.

Are there any ETA movements on the Sellita watch?

There are many more ETA movements that are relied upon, but Sellita is making good headway offering the most popular movement ebauches. Images in this post are of the SW300 and SW500.

How is Sellita is making Swiss movements more accessible?

Sellita does everything from a simple three-hand up movement to a complicated chronograph with multiple variations. Today, Sellita is one of the largest mechanical movement makers in Switzerland. One of Sellita’s strengths is its in-house, cutting-edge expertise.

Is the sw500 movement the same as ETA 7750?

Sellita’s latest creation, the SW500 Calibre meets the growing demand for Swiss automatic chronograph movements. An impressive combination of quality and absolute mastery of horological techniques, this movement offers the same high performance and level of reliability as an ETA 7750 movement.

How much does a Sellita watch movement cost?