What should I title my Tumblr blog?

What should I title my Tumblr blog?

What should I title my Tumblr blog?

In short Good Tumblr Title should be the combination of your blog’s description, Motto, clear idea about your blog niche category and the brand name. Most of the blog owner use their own name in the title but its not good for many purpose.

What are some good blog titles?

  • #1 “A Guide To…” Titles.
  • #2 “10, 15, 20…” Titles.
  • #3 “… No One Will Tell You” Titles.
  • #4 “How To” Titles.
  • #5 “Where, What, Why” Titles.
  • #6 “Infographic:…” Titles.
  • #7 “Mistakes To Avoid” Titles.
  • #8 “Everything You Need To Know About” Titles.

How do you write your title on Tumblr?

How to Create a Text Post for Your Tumblr Blog

  1. Click the Text Post icon (a capital and lowercase letter A) on your Tumblr dashboard. Tumblr displays the Add a Text Post page.
  2. (Optional) Give your blog post a title in the Title field.
  3. Type the text of your blog post in the Post field.

How do you title a catchy blog?

8 Tips for Writing Catchy Blog Titles (Without Resorting to…

  1. Grab attention with vivid and descriptive language.
  2. Ask a question to spark curiosity.
  3. Make a promise (and keep it).
  4. Write stimulating titles while avoiding clickbait clichés.
  5. Use numbers wisely.
  6. Incorporate SEO keywords naturally.
  7. Be concise.

Can you change your Tumblr blog name?

Go to the Tumblr site and click the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose Settings from the dropdown menu. On the new screen, go down to the Blogs section and click on the name you want to change. Click on the pencil icon beside the username option, change your name and click on Save.

How do you make a good Tumblr description?

How to add a perfect description to your Tumblr?

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr.
  2. Click “setting.”
  3. Select the blog to which you like to add your biography.
  4. Click “customize.”
  5. Paste or type your biography in “Description” field to view an immediate preview of what it will look like on your blog.

How do you start writing on Tumblr?

6 Tips to Start Creating Content on Tumblr

  1. Customize the look.
  2. Pick a target community, and stick with it.
  3. Tell an informal story through imagery.
  4. Make your mark.
  5. Post multiple times per day.
  6. Give a sneak peak of longer blog posts.

Which is the best title for a blog?

The most effective blog titles are the ones that are captivating, SEO keyword-friendly, and capable of providing value to your marketing target audience and addressing their pain-points. As much as possible avoid using blog titles that sound cute and clever but are ineffective in helping you achieve your content writing goal (s).

Why do I have so many Tumblr usernames?

Many tumblr usernames are inspired from movies, quotes, song lyrics, etc., these usernames are a surefire way of grabbing attention for your blog, and hey hey, there is always one song or movie you thought about which is not on Tumblr already. The internet is floating with Tumblr username generators, make the most of them.

How to create catchy title for blog post?

Show you 15 types of catchy titles, Explain to you why they work and what makes people click them, Provide you with 5 creative variations on a common template to each title, Present you with examples of 3 posts from authority websites with each and every title, and… Demonstrate you how you can easily change your idea into a perfect headline.

What to do with Your Name on Tumblr?

Rejig them, re-word them or simply re-phrase them; you can play with usernames in thousands of different ways. Club your name with any of these usernames, for example if your name is Sarah, then you can make it to wackyeutifulsarah.