What size tablecloth covers a cocktail table?

What size tablecloth covers a cocktail table?

What size tablecloth covers a cocktail table?

Highboy Cocktail Tablecloth Sizing Chart

Highboy Top Diameter Height Tablecloth Size
30 inch Round Top 42 inch 120 inch round tablecloth
30 inch Round Top 42 inch 132 inch round tablecloth
36 inch Round Top 42 inch 120 inch round tablecloth

How do you cover a cheap table?

Ideas for an Inexpensive Table Cover

  1. Sheets. Use a twin sized sheet unless your table is extra large, or simply cut and hem it to the correct size.
  2. Stenciled Cloth. Purchase white linen or cotton broadcloth (or a white sheet) and cut and hem to fit your table.
  3. Quilts.
  4. Decorated Cardboard.
  5. Disposable.
  6. Shower Curtain.

What can I use as a table cover?

I rounded up some great alternatives to using tablecloths on your table and found some amazing inspiration and links so you can get them for yourself.

  • 10 Tablecloth Alternatives.
  • Rugs. First up is rugs.
  • Scarves. Next, scarves.
  • Sheets.
  • Wrapping Paper.
  • Balloons.
  • Kraft Paper.
  • Burlap Coffee Sacks.

What size are cocktail tables?

The tall, bar height (standing) cocktail tables stand at 42″ while the short, standard height, table is at 30″.

What size tablecloth goes on a 6 foot table?

For example a standard 6 foot banquet table is 72 inches x 30 inches with a 30 inch drop to the floor. For this example you will need 72 inches of fabric for the table top plus your desired drop. A standard banquet linen for a 6 foot table is 96 inches long x 60 inches wide (8 foot banquet linen).

How can I make my own table cover?


  1. Decide on a Fabric Type. Tablecloths come in all different kinds of fabric.
  2. Measure Your Table. Take your measuring tape, and measure the top of your table.
  3. Decide on a Drop Length and Hem Type.
  4. Calculate Fabric Yardage.
  5. Sew Together Fabric Panels If Necessary.
  6. Cut Your Fabric.
  7. Hem and Finish Your Tablecloth.

What can I use instead of table runners?

Be sure to choose a wooden board that matches the tone of other wood in your furniture for a unified look.

  • Vintage Book Sheets. View in gallery.
  • Playful Scarves. View in gallery.
  • Adorable Doilies. View in gallery.
  • Whimsy Cheesecloth. View in gallery.
  • Boyish Burlap. View in gallery.
  • Simple Place Mats.
  • Greenery Leaf Table Runner.

Can I use a bedsheet as a tablecloth?

A tablecloth fashioned from classic white, jewel-toned silk or warm flannel sheets will give your dining area the decorator’s touch your guests will admire. A sheet offers a large area that trims down to the proportions of your table and is durable and washable.

What is the difference between a cocktail and coffee table?

The Differences Generally speaking, cocktail tables are usually square or rectangular in shape, while coffee tables are often round or oval. The only clear thing is that both the cocktail table and coffee table are relative latecomers to the furniture party and have only been around for a century or two.

What is a cocktail table used for?

A cocktail table is a natural gathering spot in the living room; whether used as a place to display objets, books, or snacks and drinks while entertaining, the accent piece is sure to be a conversation starter.