What word can I use instead of insane?

What word can I use instead of insane?

What word can I use instead of insane?

Alternative Language

Instead of these Ableist Words/Phrases: Use these alternatives:
Crazy, Insane, Mental (meaning Absurd) Unreasonable, Absurd, Outrageous, Unacceptable, Ridiculous, Unreal, Unbelievable
Psycho, Sociopath, Psychotic Dangerous, Menacing, Threatening, Evil, Murdering, Strange, Criminal

Is Wacky a bad word?

Later on in the 1800’s the word “wacky” also took on a new definition. This new meaning was used to describe a bad person, because people believed that someone who would do such evil things, their brain must not be functioning properly. It is an extremely popular word in the urban and hip-hop culture.

Can I say psycho?

Don’t call someone a “psycho” Unfortunately, this is not accurate. Psycho is short for “psychotic” and psychosis is an extremely real mental state that affects many individuals.

What was whack?

Whack meaning ‘hit’, as a noun and verb, is centuries old but remains informal compared to such synonyms as strike, blow, and knock. Initially it was a noun used to refer to a crazy or eccentric person – He’s a real wack – with wacko and whacko emerging as slangy offshoots.

What is another word for Insane?

insane(adj) afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement. “was declared insane”; “insane laughter”. Synonyms: harebrained, mad. Antonyms: in their right minds(p), of sound mind(p), lucid, in her right mind(p), sane, in his right mind(p), compos mentis(p), wise. harebrained, insane, mad(adj) very foolish.

What do words mean insanity?

Insanity: a serious mental disorder that prevents one from living a safe and normal life. Synonyms: aberration, dementia, derangement… Antonyms: mind, saneness, sanity…

What is another word for becomes insane?

other words for become insane. break down. collapse. flip. succumb. yield. become deranged. blow one’s mind. blow up.

What is another word for “crazy person”?

Synonyms for crazy person. deranged person. lunatic. maniac. nut. nut case. psychopath. sociopath.