What year did Gretzky get 50 goals in 39 games?

What year did Gretzky get 50 goals in 39 games?

What year did Gretzky get 50 goals in 39 games?

1981: Wayne Gretzky scores 50 goals in 39 games 50.

How many times did Gretzky score 50 goals 50 games?

Gretzky went on to score 50 goals within 50 games twice more in his career. In 1983–84, he scored his 50th goal in the team’s 42nd game, on January 7, 1984, and scored 87 goals in 74 games that season.

How many NHL players scored 50 goals in 50 games?

Scoring 50 goals in the first 50 games of an NHL season has been done eight times by five players: Maurice Richard for the Montreal Canadiens (1944-45), Mike Bossy for the New York Islanders (1980-81), Wayne Gretzky (1981-82, 1983-84, 1984-85) for the Edmonton Oilers, Mario Lemieux (1988-89) for the Pittsburgh Penguins …

What was Gretzky Average goals per game?

Wayne Gretzky finished his career with a 1.921 points per game average. Mario Lemieux originally held the record with 2.005 points per game when Gretzky retired, but after Lemieux came back to the NHL from 2000 to 2005, his points per game average fell to 1.883, falling to second behind Gretzky.

Did Cam Neely score 50 in 50?

The last player to accomplish the feat was Cam Neely in 1993-94. Neely isn’t an official “50 in 50” guy because he didn’t score 50 in his team’s first 50 games — he only played 49 games total that season, but he did score 50 goals.

When was the last time someone scored 50 goals in 50 games?

January 20, 1989
Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins was the next player to score 50 in 50 or fewer games, achieving the feat on January 20, 1989. Lemieux’s 50th goal officially came in game 46, which was Lemieux’s 44th game of the season. He finished the season with 85 goals.

How many games did Gretzky not get a point?

It would take Gretzky 1370 games to get to exactly a point-per-game and 1371 games to get below a point per game. With that understood, if Gretzky played every game since his retirement without a point, he would have dropped below a point-per-game for the first time in the 11th game of last season.

What does 5 hole mean in hockey?

Five-hole: a noun. “The space between the legs of a goaltender,” Merriam-Webster defines the hockey jargon in its latest addition to the English language dictionary.

Who scored 50 goals the fastest?

Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky scored his 50th goal in his 39th game in 1981–82, the fastest any player has done so.

When did Wayne Gretzky score 50 goals in 39 games?

On this day in NHL history: Wayne Gretzky scores 50 in 39. On December 30th 1981, Wayne Gretzky scored 5 goals against the Philadelphia Flyers to give him 50 goals in 39 games, a record many say will never be beat.

What’s the NHL record for goals in 39 games?

It was on this day in NHL history when Wayne Gretzky scored five goals against the Philadelphia Flyers to set an NHL record that will never be touched. 50 goals in 39 games. Unbelievable. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What are the greatest moments of Wayne Gretzky’s career?

Gretzky’s three career highlights are among the Greatest NHL Moments Presented by Coors Light and Pepsi Zero Sugar. The original bracket of 64 moments — determined by a panel consisting of broadcasters from NHL national rightsholders NBC Sports Group, NHL Network, Sportsnet and TVA — is down to 16 after two rounds of voting.

Who is the NHL all time leader in goals and assists?

Gretzky is the NHL’s all-time leader in regular season goals (894), assists (1963) and points (2,857), which are three more records to likely never be challenged. Here are more notable sports records that are likely to never be surpassed: