What ZIP Code is 63755?

What ZIP Code is 63755?

What ZIP Code is 63755?

ZIP Code 63755

Post Office City: Jackson, MO (View All Cities)
County: Cape Girardeau County
Timezone: Central (11:08pm)
Area code: 573 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 37.4, -89.6 ZIP (~13 mile radius)

What is the ZIP Code for Cape Girardeau Missouri?

Cape Girardeau/Zip codes

What zip codes are in Jackson County MO?

ZIP Codes in Jackson County MO

  • 64055.
  • 64133.
  • 64114.
  • 64015.
  • 64111.
  • 64030.
  • 64138.
  • 64014.

What district is Jackson County MO?

Jackson County, Missouri

Jackson County
Time zone UTC−6 (Central)
• Summer (DST) UTC−5 (CDT)
Congressional districts 5th, 6th
Website www.jacksongov.org

What’s the zip code for Hannibal Missouri?

Hannibal/Zip codes

What is Jackson County’s zip code?

Zip Code List County – Jackson County, Missouri

Zip Code City County
64113 Kansas City Jackson County
64114 Kansas City Jackson County
64120 Kansas City Jackson County
64121 Kansas City Jackson County

In what county is ZIP code 30233?

ZIP Code 30233

Post Office City: Jackson, GA (View All Cities)
County: Butts County
Timezone: Eastern (8:57am)
Coordinates: 33.3, -84.0 ZIP (~12 mile radius)

Where is the ZIP code 63755 in Missouri?

ZIP code 63755 is located in southeast Missouri and covers a slightly higher than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a slightly less than average population density.

What is the ZIP code for Jackson Mo?

63755 Zip Code (Jackson, MO) Detailed Profile. Cities: Jackson, MO (6.30%), Cape Girardeau, MO (0.16%), Pocahontas, MO (0.06%), Oak Ridge, MO (0.05%) County: Cape Girardeau County, MO. Estimated zip code population in 2017: 25,757. Zip code population in 2010: 24,006. Zip code population in 2000: 20,710.

How big of a lot is 63755 Mo?

Home sits on a . 68 acre lot. Special features include very spacious rooms, vaulted ceilings, upgraded cabinetry, oversized kitchen island, granite, stainless steel appliances, and some hardwood flooring. Master bath with tiled shower, double vanity, jacuzzi tub and huge walk-in closet.