When can you buy a 2021 PA hunting license?

When can you buy a 2021 PA hunting license?

When can you buy a 2021 PA hunting license?

June 14
And they won’t have to wait for long. Hunting and furtaker licenses for 2021-22 will go on sale Monday, June 14 and the new license year begins July 1. You can purchase your license online here, or at any of our licensing issuing agents statewide. A map of license issuing agents can be viewed here.

Can you print PA hunting license online?

A Hunting & Trapping Digest will be included with your license/permit purchase at no additional cost. The Digest is also available for printing and viewing online.

When can u buy a PA hunting license?

Pennsylvania residents and non-residents between the ages of 12 and 16 may purchase a junior hunting license. Hunters ages 12 and 13 must be accompanied by a licensed family member age 18 or older. Hunters ages 14 and 15 must be accompanied by a licensed adult age 18 or older.

What is a PA Furtaker license?

Nonresident Adult Furtaker License ($81.97): Issued to nonresidents of Pennsylvania (from any state or nation) who are age 17 and older. Nonresident Junior Furtaker License ($41.97): Issued to nonresidents of Pennsylvania (from any state or nation) who are age 12 through 16.

Can I buy a PA doe tag online?

Hunters who purchased their general license online, but haven’t yet received it, can obtain an antlerless-deer license application through the white-tailed deer page at www.pgc.pa.gov and go to any license-issuing agent to pick up an official pink envelope.

How much is a PA doe tag?

The process for getting a doe tag is similar to other years. Applications are only accepted by mail in the official pink envelope that comes with your general hunting license. State residents will pay $6.97 and the cost for nonresidents is $26.97.

What happens if you lose your hunting license in PA?

If I lose my license, what do I do? You may purchase a replacement license from any issuing agent or on-line. Using your CID or SSN, the issuing agent will access your record in the database to verify the license privileges you have on file. Lost antlerless deer licenses may be replaced only by County Treasurers.

How much is an elk tag in PA?

Elk hunt applications can be submitted anywhere hunting licenses are sold or online at the HuntFishPA website, https://huntfish.pa.gov/. The cost is $11.97 per application, or $35.91 for all three. Individuals are not required to purchase a resident or nonresident general hunting license to enter the drawing.

Can you still buy a bear license in PA?

Currently, a hunter can purchase a bear license at the time the hunter purchases a license or at any time up to the close of established bear seasons. This expanded purchasing period, however, has provided certain individuals with the opportunity to abuse the bear license requirement.

How many doe tags are still available in PA?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission made a total of 925,000 antlerless deer licenses available, which is slightly down from 932,000 in 2020. The licenses are divided among Wildlife Managements Units (WMUs) based on the size of of the deer population and management goals.