When was River Basin development Authority established in Nigeria?

When was River Basin development Authority established in Nigeria?

When was River Basin development Authority established in Nigeria?

In 1976, the law establishing the River Basin Development Authorities listed eleven agencies with the mandate to develop water resources to boost agricultural productions.

How many river basin authority do we have in Nigeria?

eleven River Basin Development Authorities
There are eleven River Basin Development Authorities in Nigeria and they are charged with functions such as water supply facility construction and control, basin management and pollution control and fishery and its control.

What is river basin development?

of River Basins were mainly meant to undertake the development of underground water. resources, promote agricultural development through large scale irrigation projects and general. water management germane for Nigeria’s rapid national socio-economic development.

Where is the headquarters of Niger Basin Commission?

The Authority inherits all the assets and assumes all the obligations of the River Niger Commission. 4. The Headquarters of the Authority shall be in Niamey, Republic of Niger.

What are the major river basins in Nigeria?

In Nigeria there are eight main river basins, i.e. the Benue, Delta and Cross Rivers, the Imo-Anambra, Hadejia-Chad, Sokoto-Rima, Niger, Owena and Ogun, and Osun Basins.

What is the function of a river basin?

A river basin sends all the water that falls within it to a central river, and from there to the ocean. A river basin drains all of the land around a major river. Basins are divided into watersheds, or land areas that surround a small, river or lake.

What are the functions of Rbda?

THE FUNCTIONS OF RBDA ARE: To construct and maintain dams, dykes, polders, Wells, boreholes, irrigation and drainage system.

What are the characteristics of a river basin?

A river basin is an area of land drained by a river and its tributaries. River basins have typical features, these include: Tributaries – smaller rivers flowing into a larger river. A Watershed – an area of highland surrounding the river basin.

What are the problems of Niger Basin Commission?

The Problems of Niger Basin Commission (NBC) 2. Insufficient Manpower: Shortage of technical personnel to execute the various projects of the commission becomes also another problem to the commission. 3. Out-Dated Equipment: Most of the equipment being used is obsolete and breaks down regularly.

What is Niger Basin Commission?

The Niger Basin Commission (NBC) was established by countries located in the Niger basin to maintain better co-operation on the use of the river basin. The treaty establishing the commission was signed by the countries concerned in October, 1963.

Which river is the deepest in Nigeria?

River Ethiope
Of Nigeria’s rivers, River Ethiope stands out. It is believed to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa.

Which water body is closed to Nigeria?

Atlantic Ocean
Nigeria’s coastline runs for 530 miles between its international borders with Benin to the west and Cameroon to the south. The country’s territorial rights extend more than 200 nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean.