Where Can I Find All England Law Reports?

Where Can I Find All England Law Reports?

Where Can I Find All England Law Reports?

The All ERs are generally considered to be second in authority to the Law Reports. These reports cross refer to relevant entries in Halsbury’s Laws, Halsbury’s Statutes and the Digest. Where are the All ERs? Online in Lexis Nexis and in print at Cw UK 120 A11 on the main floor of the Bodleian Law Library.

What is the most authoritative law report?

The Official Law Reports: Appeal Cases (AC), Queen’s Bench (QB), Family (Fam), Chancery (Ch) and earlier series of the Law Reports published by the ICLR have been the most authoritative reports (or ‘best report’) since 1865.

What were the earliest law reports called?

The report of a modern decision is usually preceded by an analytic summary of the opinion, called a headnote, that states the points decided. The earliest English court reports were the Year Books produced from the late 13th to the 16th century.

What law report is KB?

King’s Bench

Abbreviation Description
KB Law Reports, King’s Bench
LCO Legislative Competence Order
LJ Journals of the House of Lords
LJ (CH) Law Journal, Chancery, 1822–1946

What does V stand for in law?

In common law countries with an adversarial system of justice, the names of the opposing parties are separated in the case title by the abbreviation v (usually written as v in Commonwealth countries and always as v. in the U.S.) of the Latin word versus, which means against.

How many law reports are there?

The five series of reports The Law Reports. The Weekly Law Reports. The Industrial Cases Reports. The Business Law Reports.

What was the first law in the world?

The Code of Hammurabi was one of the earliest and most complete written legal codes and was proclaimed by the Babylonian king Hammurabi, who reigned from 1792 to 1750 B.C. Hammurabi expanded the city-state of Babylon along the Euphrates River to unite all of southern Mesopotamia.

Which reports are those required to be written by law?

Summary Reports Summary reports are those law reports which only include the summary of the case as seen in case digests.

What does LR mean in law?

Letter Requirement. LR. Lorry Receipt. LR. Lex Romana (Latin: Roman Law, epigraphy)

What does KB mean in law?

King’s Bench Division
KB Law Reports, King’s Bench Division.