Where do you park when visiting Navy Pier?

Where do you park when visiting Navy Pier?

Where do you park when visiting Navy Pier?

Parking at Navy Pier is easy and convenient with two on-site parking garages, West Garage and East Garage located at 600 E. Grand Avenue. The garages are connected to the Pier and can accommodate 1,500 vehicles. There is a flat rate parking fee seven days a week.

Is there free parking by Navy Pier?

10 answers. While there isn’t any free parking, there are ways to pay less if you’re willing to walk a bit. The fee for parking at Navy Pier itself is $28 during the summer and $25 during the winter, but it’s for the full day.

How much does it cost to park at Navy Pier Chicago?

How much is parking at Navy Pier? The average price to park for three hours at Navy Pier ranges from $15 – $35 depending on the season and how far away you park. If you choose to park all day, you will pay upwards of $50.

Can you drive on Navy Pier?

Located at 600 E. Grand Avenue, Navy Pier is easily accessible via car or public transportation. The East and West indoor parking garages located on Navy Pier, which can accommodate 1,500 vehicles, are open and easily accessible from Illinois Street and Lake Shore Drive. …

Is there any free parking in downtown Chicago?

Yes – It’s true! There is actually free parking near Downtown Chicago. Within the Fulton River District (20-minute walk from downtown) there are dozens of free parking spots. The SpotHero street team recently explored the area a bit more and have developed this extensive description of the free parking.

How much does parking cost at Navy Pier?

Official Remote Alternate Parking Garages. For less expensive parking, Navy Pier has partnered with two remote parking garages. Both offer twelve hours of parking for $15. Make sure you don’t pay for parking in advance! Bring your ticket to the Navy Pier Guest Services desk and they’ll validate it for you.

Is there public parking at the pier?

There is a public parking lot at the Pier for a fee, or if space allows. on street parking is available free of charge first come, first serve. Keep in mind that parking can be frustrating on Folly Beach during the summer. Make sure to park legally to avoid a ticket. Depending on where you’re staying, you’ll likely visit the pier multiple times.

Where is the pier in Chicago?

The pier is north of the mouth of the Chicago river, in line with Grand avenue and Illinois street. It is 3,000 feet long and 292 feet wide. At the shore end is a headhouse, forming the entrance and having offices on the upper floors. From the rear of this extend two parallel double-deck buildings, 2,335 feet long,…

Where is pier in Chicago?

Navy Pier is a 3,300-foot-long (1,010 m) pier on the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan. It is located in the Streeterville neighborhood of the Near North Side community area.