Where is Deb Frecklington from?

Where is Deb Frecklington from?

Where is Deb Frecklington from?

Miles, Australia
Deb Frecklington/Place of birth

What is the makeup of the Queensland Parliament?

Parliament of Queensland
Seats 93
Political groups Government (52) Labor (52) Opposition (34) Liberal National (34) Crossbench (7) Katter’s Australian (3) Greens (2) One Nation (1) Independent (1)

How old is Deb Frecklington?

50 years (3 September 1971)
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Who is the current leader of the opposition in NSW?

The current leader of the opposition is Chris Minns, who was elected on 4 June 2021. Penny Sharpe serves as leader of the opposition in the Legislative Council.

What is unique about the Queensland Parliament?

As provided under the Constitution of Queensland, the Parliament consists of the Monarch of Australia and the Legislative Assembly. It has been the only unicameral state legislature in the country since the upper chamber, the Legislative Council, was abolished in 1922.

How many houses are in the Queensland Parliament?

The Queensland Parliament is a unicameral parliament, meaning that it is comprised of only one House, that is, the Legislative Assembly. There are 93 members of the Legislative Assembly with each member representing an electorate.

Who is the Qld Education Minister?

Grace Grace

The Honourable Grace Grace MP
Assumed office 25 November 2017
Preceded by New seat
Member of the Queensland Parliament for Brisbane Central

How do you address a member of parliament Qld?

Dear Minister The Honourable [First name] [Surname] MP The Honourable [First name] [Surname] MP The Honourable [First name] [Surname] MP or Minister for…

Who is Deb Frecklington married to?

Jason Frecklington
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Who is the new opposition leader in Queensland?

New Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli looked more like a man who had drawn the short straw than the one who won a party ballot unopposed. Queensland election 2020 full coverage

Who was the former leader of the LNP in Queensland?

In June, former leader Deb Frecklington accused the party’s “backroom boys” of trying to bully her by leaking damaging polling. ( ABC News: Christopher Gillette) The LNP leader did go to some lengths yesterday to argue he would bring a different approach to Queensland politics.

Who is the new LNP MP for Whitsunday?

But the reality is the LNP parliamentary team has barely changed — the party has only one new MP — Amanda Camm — who won the North Queensland seat of Whitsunday.