Where is the cover of Unhalfbricking?

Where is the cover of Unhalfbricking?

Where is the cover of Unhalfbricking?

9B Arthur Road, Wimbledon
Title and cover The photo captured Denny’s parents, Neil and Edna Denny, standing outside the family home at 9B Arthur Road, Wimbledon, south London, with the band distantly visible through the garden fence.

Who is on the cover of Unhalfbricking?

Neil Denny, crooks his elbows as does Mr Andrews and Edna Denny’s hands hold each other in a demure pose just as Mrs Andrews hands hold each other in her lap. The same scene as the front cover fourty six years later. (The address is 9B Arthur Road Wimbledon.)

When was Unhalfbricking released?

July 3, 1969
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What happened to Sandy Denny’s daughter Georgia?

Lucas returned immediately to London, leaving Georgia in the care of his parents. On 21 April, she died at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon. Her death was ruled to be the result of a traumatic mid-brain haemorrhage and blunt force trauma to her head.

Where does the name Fairport Convention come from?

The house name lent its name to the group they formed together as Fairport Convention in 1967 with Richard Thompson on guitar and Shaun Frater on drums.

Who sang Meet on the Ledge?

Fairport Convention
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Is Sandy Denny dead?

Deceased (1947–1978)
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Who Knows Where the Time Goes year?

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Who died from Fairport Convention?

singer Judy Dyble
Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble has died aged 71. The folk artist, who also had a solo career, had been suffering from a long-term illness.

Who are the people on the front cover of Unhalfbricking?

Uncharacteristic for its time, the front cover features a single photograph with no indication of the band or album name. Two old people, Sandy Denny’s parents, are standing in front of their house on Arthur Road, Wimbledon.

When did Unhalfbricking come out in the UK?

In 2004 Q magazine placed Unhalfbricking at number 41 in its list of the 50 Greatest British Albums Ever, and in the same year The Observer, describing it as “a thoroughly English masterpiece”, listed it at number 27 in its Top 100 British Albums.

Where was the cover shot of Unhalfbricking taken?

St Mary’s Church, Wimbledon, can be seen in the background. Joe Boyd later said “Unhalfbricking, then, that cover shot was taken in the early spring, right before the crash, I think; and that record came out in June”.

What’s the name of the song on Unhalfbricking?

One song on Unhalfbricking points to the direction the band would take on their next album. A Sailor’s Life is a traditional song brought to the band by Sandy Denny.