Where to Park for Free in Woking?

Where to Park for Free in Woking?

Where to Park for Free in Woking?

Where to Park in Woking?

  • Victoria Way Multi-Storey Car Park – GU21 8EW: 932 spaces, 19 disabled spaces (Free)
  • Woodlands Avenue, West Byfleet – 114 spaces (Free)
  • Woking Park – 20 disabled spaces (Free)
  • Residential Parking Permits (Free)

Is parking Free in Woking on sunday?

Sundays: free * Parking is free in all our car parks on Christmas Day.

How much is it to park at Woking station?

Off-street parking The nearest off-street car park to Woking station is the Premium car park operated by South West Trains. During peak hours, there is a flat rate of £16.80 at this car park. Further down the track is the Oriental Road car park, where the rate is a more favourable £11.00 for all-day parking.

Does Woking have Park and ride?

Woking park car park | Woking Borough Council.

How do you pay for parking in Woking?

Go to the pay machine on arrival. Press the pre-payment button located at the bottom left of the screen. Insert ticket and then press the pre-payment button until your departure time and corresponding charge are displayed. Insert payment required using cash or debit or credit card, then take your ticket.

Is Woking Park car park free?

This car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has 261 spaces in total, including 20 disabled parking spaces. The cost of parking here is as follows: From Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm (including bank holidays: Up to 3 hours: free.

Where can I buy parking vouchers in Woking?

Vouchers can be obtained from the following outlets….Where to buy parking vouchers.

Parking voucher outlet Address Parking zone
Woking Local Supermarket 1 Goldsworth Road 1
Ahmed Cash and Carry 217 Walton Road 2
Atif Superstore 103 Walton Road 2
Radhika Convenience Store 175 Walton Road 2

Can I tap out at Woking?

No – Woking is outside the Oyster zones. Woking is 35 kilometres (22 miles) from London, which is outside the Oyster zone, so I think that you need to buy a return ticket from London Waterloo train station.

Is Kempton Park in Oyster zone?

In this case, Kempton Park station is outside the TfL zones and so Oyster cards cannot be used for the complete rail journey from Waterloo.