Which book should I prefer for IAS?

Which book should I prefer for IAS?

Which book should I prefer for IAS?

Essential Books for IAS

Subjects Books
Economy 1.India People and Economy (NCERT) 2.Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
Polity Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
Current Affairs The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Jagran Josh
Science & Tech 1.Notes by Shankar IAS 2.Daily Newspapers ISRO website

Which is the best book for UPSC preparation?

UPSC Books – Best Books For IAS Prelims

Subject UPSC Books
Indian Polity Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth NCERT IX-XII
Economics Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania Economic Development & Policies in India – Jain & Ohri NCERT XI
International Relations NCERT XII (Contemporary World Politics) Current Affairs

What is the best way to crack IAS exam?

Check out this strategy to crack UPSC exam in 10 points:

  1. Beginning. Start with NCERT (Class 6-12) and clear your basics.
  2. Advanced stage.
  3. Coaching or self study.
  4. Big cities vs small cities.
  5. Discussion is the key.
  6. Smart study.
  7. Stay away from negativity.
  8. This exam can make you an intellectual.

Can 12th pass apply for IAS?

It is not possible to become an IAS Officer right after completing 12th standard! In order to become an IAS Officer, you must apply for CSE exam conducted by the UPSC. So technically, 12th passed students cant appear for this exam right after 12th. After completing 12th, they must complete Graduation first.

Which is the best book to prepare for the IAS exam?

Here is a shortlist of the books to prepare for the IAS exam which IAS Aspirants must grab first, (and sometimes just download for free!). Aspirants should always adhere to UPSC Syllabus while preparing for the IAS Exam! If you are thinking of making a serious attempt at UPSC preparation these UPSC books should be your first companions.

Remember: These are the Must-have books for UPSC Exam and are also the Best books for IAS preparation. Reading these must-have books will impart IAS Aspirants with enough information regarding the topics given in the UPSC syllabus for IAS Exam.

How many topics can you study in crackias?

Rather than fixing ‘X’ no of hours, one should focus on completing a set no. of topics. crackias 358 Topics (in total for UPSC) perfectly help doing that. Limit your sources which cover most of the syllabus & revise as much as possible. crackias limited no. of books are easy to manage & revise repeatedly.

Is the crackias Test series based on UPSC pattern?

The only thing which can guide for the exam pattern is attempting the test series. crackias test series is perfectly based on UPSC pattern with upsc level Qs. Do not make notes of newspaper articles, rather do analysis of the topics. crackias current affairs with good analysis & coverage are of great help.