Which cross country skier won 5 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Which cross country skier won 5 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Which cross country skier won 5 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Marit began to notch up World Cup victories, mainly in the sprint event, and earned her first title at the 2003 World Championships in Val Di Fiemme (Italy). Two years later in Oberstdorf (Germany) the Norwegian champion won five medals, including golds in the 30 km, 4 x 5 km relay and team sprint events.

What medals did Canada win 2010?

In the overall medal count, Canada finished third with 26 medals (14 gold medals, seven silver medals and five bronze medals). It was a record-breaking Olympic Winter Games for Team Canada, which won 14 gold medals, the most gold medals won by one nation at a single Olympic Winter Games to that point.

Who is a famous cross-country skier?

In Nordic skiing, Bjørn Daehlie of Norway further strengthened his claim to being the greatest cross-country skier ever. The Norwegian skied to gold medals in the 10-km event and the 4 × 10-km relay and a silver in the 15-km event, bringing his Olympic career totals to eight gold and four silver medals.

What country has the best cross-country skiers?

The Nordic Countries

  • Norway. Norway rightly holds the reputation as one of the top cross-country destinations as, put simply, it has it all.
  • Sweden.
  • Finland.
  • Switzerland.
  • Austria.
  • Italy.
  • France.
  • Slovenia.

Who won the Winter Olympics in 2010?

Canada captured the gold medal in ice hockey, with the United States winning silver and Czechoslovakia finishing with the bronze. Two years later an agreement was reached to celebrate an IOC-sanctioned International Winter Sports Week.

Who has the most gold medals in cross-country skiing?

This statistic shows the all-time medal table for cross-country skiing in the Winter Olympics as of 2018, sorted by country. Norway has won a total of 124 medals in cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics – 47 gold, 43 silver, and 34 bronze medals.

Who are the medal winners of the 2010 Winter Olympics?

List of 2010 Winter Olympics medal winners. Jump to navigation Jump to search. From left to right: Tina Maze of Slovenia (silver), Andrea Fischbacher of Austria (gold) and Lindsey Vonn of the United States (bronze) with the medals they earned in women’s super-G in alpine skiing.

Who are the winners of the Winter Olympics?

From left to right: Martins Dukurs of Latvia (silver), Jon Montgomery of Canada (gold), and Aleksandr Tretyakov of Russia (bronze) with the medals they earned in men’s skeleton. The medal table is based on information provided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is consistent with IOC convention in its published medal tables.

What kind of Sports won medals in 1998 Winter Olympics?

1 Alpine skiing 2 Biathlon 3 Bobsleigh 4 Cross-country skiing 5 Curling 6 Figure skating 7 Freestyle skiing 8 Ice hockey 9 Luge 10 Nordic combined

When did Canada first win a gold medal in the Olympics?

For the first time, Canada won a gold medal at an Olympic Games it hosted, having failed to do so at both the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.