Who are the Gemporia presenters?

Who are the Gemporia presenters?

Who are the Gemporia presenters?

Meet the Presenters

  • Adina Stubbs GIA AJP.
  • Alex McKay G.I.A A.J.P.
  • Amelia Grant GIA AJP.
  • Angeline Davies GIA AJP.
  • Cheralene Lavery GIA AJP.
  • Drew Nicholls GIA AJP.
  • Ellis Ward GIA AJP.
  • Emily Fox GIA AJP.

Who did Adina Stubbs marry?

Howard Stubbs, the joint founder and managing director of bespoke kitchen company, Heaven & Stubbs, lives with his wife, Adina, a TV presenter, and their children in this six-bedroom, detached house overlooking the Cotswold countryside.

Who is Lynn Jinks married to?

13th August 2018 | 12 min read Share This Story: Away from your TV screens, Lynn Jinks and her husband Rod have been on a long, emotional but truly inspiring journey over the last decade, culminating with the birth of their daughter in March 2017.

Who is Milly Griffiths partner?

SoulCycle star Stacey Griffith and fashion designer Michelle Smith, the co-founder of Milly, have come out as a couple.

Has Vikki Carr left Gemporia?

Moderator. Vicki Carr announced on Facebook recently that she has left Gemporia.

Who is the owner of Gemporia?

The Colourful Company Group Limited
Gemporia/Parent organizations

Has Vicky Carr left Gemporia?

Has Vicki Carr left Gemporia?

What happened to rocks and co presenters?

Juwelo UK (formerly Rocks & Co) was a falling-price auction-style home shopping channel specialising in jewellery, the primary competitors to other shopping channels. The channel was renamed to Juwelo UK on 15 May 2018. It was closed on 13 March 2019.

Who are the presenters on Jewellery maker?

Meet our Presenters

  • Andrew Bernard.
  • Carmel Thomas.
  • Caroline Lyndsay.
  • Chloe Marshall.
  • Cris St. Valery.
  • Derek Gibbons.
  • Jo Grimwood.
  • Kimberley Basran.

Whats happened to Gemporia?

The US division was shut down in November 2016 with the business refocusing on its UK operations and also producing pre-packaged programmes for European shopping channels. “The whole of the management team was out in the States trying to make it work and we lost our focus on the UK.

What happened to rocks and Co UK presenters?