Who designed meta font?

Who designed meta font?

Who designed meta font?

Erik Spiekermann
FF Meta/Designer

What is typeface personality?

Although fonts are often classified by the typographical features of serifs, they can also be described as having more human-like personalities. In other words, the appearance of the font (regardless of what the words say) gives off a certain mood and feel which can alter the effectiveness of your document.

Where is FF Meta font used?

The Government of Greece has used FF Meta Greek as the official government typeface since 2010.

What is meta font used for?

Meta was designed to be a readable, sturdy, basic sans serif typeface, working on the postage stamp scale, but also as livery for post boxes and Deutsche Bundespost vehicles. Attention was paid to creating a face that was easily readable from an angle, and in smaller point sizes.

What is FF font?

FF DIN is a sans-serif typeface in the industrial or “grotesque” style. It was designed in 1995 by Albert-Jan Pool, based on DIN-Mittelschrift and DIN-Engschrift, as defined in the German standard DIN 1451. DIN is an acronym for Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute of Standardisation).

What kind of typeface is FF Meta?

FF Meta has been adopted by numerous corporations and other organizations as a corporate typeface, for signage or in their logo.

Is the meta font legible in small font sizes?

Meta is also perfectly legible in the small font sizes, not in the least because of the large x-height and open letter forms. FF Meta is now available in two widths with six condensed weights and eight normal weights. All styles have a true italic with their own letter forms and are perfectly equipped typographically.

Why was the meta font so popular in the 1990s?

As desktop publishing flourished in the early 1990s, the typeface quickly entered widespread use due to its clean, cheery, and distinctive aesthetic, and its ability to serve well in multiple design capacities including signage and correspondence.

How did the idea for FF Meta come about?

Taking into account research done on six font families and the constraints of the brief, the characteristics of what would become FF Meta began to take shape.