Who is gotz in harvest moon?

Who is gotz in harvest moon?

Who is gotz in harvest moon?

Gotz is a character in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Gotz is a woodsman and a carpenter living on the outskirts of town. He loves the outdoors, and his cottage can be found in Mineral Forest just south of your farm.

Where is gotz house?

The Woodcutter’s House is a location in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Gotz the woodcutter lives with Louis in the forest southeast of the player’s farm. If the player visits Gotz while he is inside his home, Gotz will give the player several options for house expansions, upgrades and building materials.

How do you get special lumber in Harvest Moon?

To obtain a Lumber, you can split stumps and branch using your own Axe. There are also specific locations of the tree stumps around the map: 5 Tree Stumps around Gotz’s House. 2 Tree Stumps at the Hot Spring.

How do you upgrade the chicken coop in Harvest Moon?

Chicken Coop Extension Gotz, at the Woodcutter’s House, can remodel the Chicken Coop. The Chicken Coop extension costs 5,000G and 420 Lumber, and adds 5 Feed boxes,1 Feed dispenser, and 1 Incubator.

How do you get a bigger bed in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?


  1. upgrade your house twice (don’t need the bathroom) and then buy it from the Shopping Network that appears on Saturdays.
  2. You can only get the bed after you upgrade your house then you go on saturday to the tv shopping network and use the phone at the inn.

How do you upgrade your farm in Harvest Moon?

Every Farm Building & Upgrade in Harvest Moon: One World Players can unlock their workbench, kitchen, stronger sprinklers, and upgrades to their barn by completing requests from Doc Jr. That is the majority of building upgrade mechanics for the Expando-Farm in Harvest Moon: One World.

How do I upgrade my AXE in harvest moon back to nature?

The Ax is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Depending on the level, it can be used for chopping branches and splitting stumps. It can be upgraded by giving the appropriate ore, along with a fee, to Saibara at the Blacksmith Shop. Every 100% allows a specific upgrade (indicated by a miniature ore icon).

What is golden lumber on harvest moon?

Purpose. The Golden Lumber, while useful on your farm has an incredibly negative effect. It makes for a wonderful fence on your field, as it does not wither or break. You will never have to replace the lumber.