Who is in the Loki familia?

Who is in the Loki familia?

Who is in the Loki familia?


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Goddess Loki
Members Finn Deimne • Riveria Ljos Alf • Gareth Landrock • Ais Wallenstein • Tione Hiryute • Tiona Hiryute • Bete Loga • Lefiya Viridis • Raul Nord • Anakitty Autumn • Alicia Forestlight • Narvi Roll • Cruz Bussell • Rakta • Line Arshe • Elfy Colette

Who is the strongest in the Loki familia?

The Freya Familia
The Freya Familia (フレイヤ・ファミリア) is currently the strongest Familia in Orario led by Freya.

Is Loki Danmachi a girl?

Appearance. Loki is a Goddess with light red hair and red eyes. She is well-known to dress up in tomboyish or male attire, mainly jeans and a shirt that shows off her stomach.

Who is Argonaut Danmachi?

Personality. Argonaut was very carefree and casual, letting his sister clean up after him and take the blame for things he did, and acted nonchalantly to her afterwards. He had a habit of pretending he was a hero and fighting imaginary monsters, such as pretending a windmill was a giant.

What is Loki’s gender?

Loki is one of Marvel comics’ most complex villains, with a wide range of abilities and powers. His shapeshifting ability has led to years of speculation about his gender, with the final consensus being that Loki is, indeed, genderfluid.

What is the strongest familia?

1 FREYA FAMILIA The Freya Familia is the most powerful Familia in the city. They seem to have the largest Familia, with over a hundred members. The group boasts a number of level five and six members, and their Captain is the highest level adventurer in the city.

Is Loki a male?

Throughout Norse mythos, Loki has taken on multiple forms of varying genders. In the myths, the trickster god had the ability to change his shape and sex at will. Typically, he takes on a male form, and he fathered multiple children while presenting as a man.

Why does Freya love bell?

Freya has taken an interest in Bell, due to his transparent soul, ever since he passed through her gaze. She is obsessed with him and takes advantage of certain incidents in order to unleash his full potential. Freya said that she won’t let any woman other than herself have him.

What level is Bell?

level 4
For example Bell is a level 4 adventurer and Ottar a level 7, but their status are higher for Bell and lower for Ottar, how that makes sense?