Who is Oliver Platt married to?

Who is Oliver Platt married to?

Who is Oliver Platt married to?

Mary Camilla Bonsal Campbellm. 1992
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Platt married Mary Camilla Bonsal Campbell on September 12, 1992, at the First Congregational Church. They have three children: Lily (born 1995), George (born 1997), and Clare (born 1999).

What nationality is Oliver Platt?

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How old is Oliver Platt?

61 years (January 12, 1960)
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Does Oliver Platt have a son?

George Platt
Oliver Platt/Sons

Why is Oliver Platt in a wheelchair?

I must have missed it…why is Dr. Charles in a wheelchair, or has he always been and I just never noticed? Charles (Oliver Platt) arrives in a wheelchair, admitting that he tripped over some suitcases on his travels.

Is Oliver Platt in Fargo?

Oliver James Platt (born January 12, 1960) is an Canadian-American actor who plays Stavros Milos in Season 1 of Fargo.

What is Oliver Platt known for?

Oliver Platt is a talented character actor who has appeared in major blockbusters (X-Men: First Class), critically acclaimed TV series (West Wing, The Big C, starring Laura Linney), Broadway musical (Guys and Dolls), a movie with Charlie Sheen (1993’s The Three Musketeers) and a range of biopics (Casanova, Kinsey.

What is Oliver Platts net worth?

Oliver Platt net worth – Oliver Platt is an American actor who has a net worth of $4 million dollars. Born to American parents in Windsor, Ontario, in 1960, Oliver Platt spent his childhood traveling the globe with his family thanks to his father’s career as a U. S. diplomat.

How did Dr Charles end up in a wheelchair?

Chicago Med’s Chief of Psychiatrist Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) arrives in a wheelchair, admitting that he tripped over some suitcases on his travels.

What is wrong with Robin Charles?

Biography. Robin is the daughter of Daniel Charles and his first wife CeCe. Through her father she has a younger half-sister, Anna Charles. She was falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia, which was later discovered to have an organic cause – a benign mediastinal teratoma.

Where did Camilla Campbell and Oliver Platt get married?

The Rev. Jill Staples performed the ceremony at the First Congregational Church. The bride, who is known as Camilla, is a freelance assistant producer of documentary films in New York. She graduated from Boston University.

Who is the actor Oliver Platt married to?

Oliver Platt is married to Mary Camilla Bonsal Campbell who works as a director of the admission for Grace Church School in New York. The couple married on September 12, 1992, and has been living together happily for 27 years and have three children.

Who is Oliver Platt from the west wing?

Oliver Platt is a famous American actor. He is best known for his outstanding TV roles on ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘The West Wing.’ Having his career based on the 80s, he has been termed as the world’s top paid actor.

Who are the parents of ambassador Oliver Platt?

Family, early life and education. Family. Platt was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to American parents Sheila Maynard, a clinical social worker who worked in Islamabad, and Nicholas Platt, a career diplomat who served as U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Zambia, and the Philippines.