Who is the CEO of Deutsche Bank?

Who is the CEO of Deutsche Bank?

Who is the CEO of Deutsche Bank?

Christian Sewing (8 Apr 2018–)
Deutsche Bank/CEO
Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing won praise from one of Germany’s top industry executives for fixing a lender once seen as the embodiment of corporate decline and financial wrongdoing.

Where are the headquarters of Deutsche Bank?

Frankfurt, Germany
Deutsche Bank/Headquarters

Is Deutsche Bank a German Bank?

Deutsche Bank is the leading German bank with strong European roots and a global network. The bank focuses on its strengths in a Corporate Bank newly created in 2019, a leading Private Bank, a focused investment bank and in asset management.

Who is the CEO of Credit Suisse?

Thomas Gottstein (14 Feb 2020–)
Credit Suisse/CEO
How Will Credit Suisse CEO Thomas Gottstein Lead After Archegos, Greensill – Bloomberg.

Why was Alfred Herrhausen killed?

A small terrorist group known as the Red Army Faction took credit for his assassination, a bombing death which occurred when remote-control explosives wired to a bicycle destroyed Herrhausen’s armoured car as he was being driven to work.

What is Deutsche Bank famous for?

With more than 78,000 employees in over 70 countries worldwide, Deutsche Bank offers unparalleled financial services throughout the world. The Bank competes to be the leading global provider of financial solutions for demanding clients creating exceptional value for its shareholders and people.

Why Swiss bank is famous?

Switzerland, considered the “grandfather of bank secrecy”, has been one of the largest offshore financial centers and tax havens in the world since the mid-20th century. The Swiss Bankers Association estimated in 2018 that Swiss banks held US$6.5 trillion in assets or 25% of all global cross-border assets.

Who was assassinated in Deutschland 89?

Alfred Herrhausen
Alfred Herrhausen (30 January 1930 in Essen – 30 November 1989 in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe) was a German banker and the Chairman of Deutsche Bank, who was assassinated in 1989.