Who is the CEO of Extendicare?

Who is the CEO of Extendicare?

Who is the CEO of Extendicare?

Michael Guerriere (Oct 2018–)

Who is extendicare owned by?

Extendicare’s owns and operates dozens of long-term care and retirement facilities with the majority in Ontario and 11% in Alberta….Extendicare.

Type Public
Key people Michael Guerriere (CEO)
Revenue CA$1,155.3 million (2020)
Number of employees 23,000 (2018)
Website extendicare.com

Is Extendicare privately owned?

Extendicare, through its ParaMed Home Health Care division (ParaMed), is currently the largest private-sector home health care provider in Ontario, providing approximately 5.1 million hours of service annually with approximately 98% of its revenue generated from government contracts.

Who owns Extendicare Ottawa?

Dr. Guerriere was appointed the President and CEO of Extendicare on October 22, 2018, and has been a member of the Board since March 2018. He has a diverse background with over 25 years of experience in medical practice, hospital operations, management consulting and health technology. Dr.

Does Mike Harris own nursing homes?

It is the largest operator in the Canadian seniors living sector with over 200 quality retirement communities in four provinces, including properties under development.” The company operates homes in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and employs more than 15,000 people, most of them women.

How many employees does Extendicare?

Extendicare/Number of employees

Is revera a Canadian company?

Revera Inc. is a Canadian company that provides accommodation, care and services for seniors. It owns and operates retirement residences and long-term care facilities.

Are retirement homes profitable?

A majority of the 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S., about 70%, are for-profit. Most of them are privately owned, although their organizational structure can vary, with some owned by private equity companies, explained R.

Who owns seniors homes in Canada?

Canada has a total of 2,076 long-term care homes; 46% are publicly owned and 54% are privately owned; the breakdown for privately owned homes is 29% for-profit and 23% not-for-profit.

Are there private long term care facilities in Ontario?

Ontario’s long-term care homes (January 2020)

  • 626 homes are homes licensed and approved to operate in Ontario.
  • 58% of homes are privately owned, 24% are non-profit/charitable, 16% are municipal.
  • About 40% of long-term care homes are small, with 96 or fewer beds.

How much does Mike Harris make as chair of Chartwell?

Meanwhile the Chair of the Chartwell Board, former Premier Mike Harris earns $237,000.00 annually – for a part-time job.

Is Chartwell public or private?

As of June 25, 2018, the market capitalization of Chartwell was CAD $3.23 billion, and it had more than CAD $3 billion in assets. In 2018, the value of the enterprise was approximately CAD $5 billion….Chartwell Retirement Residences.

Type Public
Number of locations 200+
Number of employees 16,000+
Website chartwell.com

Who is the CEO of Extendicare in Canada?

I believe strongly in Extendicare’s growth potential and strategy and look forward to joining the company’s dedicated team members and caregivers in shaping its future as a leading senior care provider.” Extendicare is a leading provider of care and services for seniors throughout Canada.

Who is the vice president of Extendicare home health care?

Originally from Kelowna, B.C., Bruce earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto and has been a Certified Hotel Administrator since 1998 and earned a six sigma green belt in 2008. Victor Rocca joined Extendicare in 2020 as Senior Vice President, ParaMed Home Health Care.

What are the hallmarks of an Extendicare company?

The hallmarks of our philosophy are dignity and respect, which guide our interactions with residents, patients and their families, as well as with employees and business partners. Extendicare’s goal is to be the provider of choice in every community in which we operate.

Who is the vice president of talent acquisition at Extendicare?

Maura joined Extendicare in June 2020 as Vice President, Talent Acquisition. A seasoned leader in the HR and talent management field, Maura has a wide range of experience as a senior leader in talent acquisition across various industries ranging from healthcare to telecoms and finance.