Who is the CEO of NIIT Technologies?

Who is the CEO of NIIT Technologies?

Who is the CEO of NIIT Technologies?

Sudhir Singh (May 2017–)

Who owns NIIT?

Mr Rajendra S Pawar is the Chairman and Co-Founder of NIIT Limited, a global leader in skills and talent development, and founder of NIIT University. Under his leadership, NIIT has played a key role in shaping the growth of the Indian IT sector, by creating skilled manpower to drive its momentum.

Who is the owner of Coforge?

Hulst B.V.
Coforge/Parent organizations

Who started NIIT?

Rajendra Singh Pawar
Vijay K. Thadani

NIIT was established in 1981 by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani, graduates from IIT Delhi, with one million rupees.

What do you know about NIIT Technologies?

NIIT Technologies Limited is an IT firm based in Noida, India. It is the leading IT organization which meets the customer requirements by providing services like the infrastructure management services, travel and transportation, Insurance & media sectors, IP assets or platform services and banking & financial services.

Why did NIIT change to Coforge?

The rebranding exercise comes after the change of its ownership last year to Baring Private Equity Asia. Started in 1981, the mid-tier IT firm has an annual revenue of $600 million currently. The company said that the word ‘Coforge’ stands for working together to create lasting value.

Is NIIT good for placement?

UG Programmes Placement Highlights NIIT University has once again proven its eminence among the premier universities of the country with the final placements. The multitude of offers granted by industry giants reaffirms their trust in the institute.

What is Coforge Ltd old name?

NIIT Technologies
NIIT Technologies rebranded as Coforge Ltd.

Can I join Coforge?

Coforge – Join only if you are based in Delhi and well-connected to a senior manager | Glassdoor.

Who take over NIIT?

Baring Private Equity Asia
NEW DELHI : NIIT Technologies Limited, a global IT solutions and services organization, on Monday announced that the company has begun operating under a new name Coforge Limited with a newly designed logo. The rebranding exercise comes after the change of its ownership last year to Baring Private Equity Asia.

Who is the current CEO of NIIT Limited?

Sapnesh Lalla is the CEO of NIIT Limited and serves on its Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Sapnesh headed NIIT’s Global Corporate Business, which constitutes nearly seventy percent of NIIT’s global business.

How many lines of business does NIIT have?

With a footprint in over 30 countries, NIIT offers training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions. NIIT has three main lines of business across the globe – Corporate Learning Group, Skills & Careers Business and MindChampion Learning Systems Limited.

Who is the head of Global Learning at NIIT?

Sapnesh is a part of the Managing Director’s Quality Club and the only NIITian who has the distinction of receiving the coveted Global Leadership Award twice in 2001 and 2010. DJ Chadha is the EVP Global Delivery at NIIT’s Corporate Learning Group and heads Learning Delivery Operations and Learning content practice.

What makes NIIT a good place to work?

At NIIT, all-round development is as much a goal as the realization of career ambitions. Our work culture, ethos, systems, processes, mentoring, coaching, and much more create a ‘World Class Professional’ in you. We are a ‘Great Place to Work’ and it’s not just NIITians who are saying it.