Who is the highest patent holder?

Who is the highest patent holder?

Who is the highest patent holder?

Shunpei Yamazaki
Worldwide utility patents

Inventor Patents Residence
Shunpei Yamazaki 5912 Japan
Kia Silverbrook 4747 Australia
Kangguo Cheng 2505 USA
Lowell L. Wood, Jr. 1971 USA

Who holds the most patents in 2020?

2020 marked the 28th consecutive year for IBM being awarded the most number of patents to a U.S. company in a year. The company’s scientists and researchers received 9,130 patents in 2020. However, in terms of the cumulative patent holdings globally, IBM ranked second with 38,541 active patent families.

Who is the patent king?

Jerry Lemelson
Jerome H. Lemelson

Jerry Lemelson
Nationality United States of America
Alma mater New York University
Occupation inventor, businessman
Known for prolific inventor

What company has more than 29000 patents?

ALCATEL-LUCENT, the latest technology company to announce plans to make money from its patents, may generate several hundred million euros this year alone from its trove of 29,000 rights, according to its chief financial officer Paul Tufano.

What is the best patent company?

Top Patent Firms 2019

Rank LawFirm U.S. Utility Patents

Do patents make money?

As patent holder, you retain ownership of the invention and earn royalty payments on future sales of the product. You can grant an exclusive license to one company or several companies. Royalty rates run from 5% to 20%, so the product would have to sell quite a bit for the patent holder to earn big money.

Which country has the most patent?

In 2019, China had the most patent grants worldwide with 452,804 patents granted to resident and non-resident companies or organizations. The United States followed with 354,430 granted patents the same year.

Which company has the most tech patents?

Here’s the rest of the top 20. IBM held its longtime place as the top recipient of U.S. patents in 2020 with 9,130 inventions, followed by Samsung, Canon, and Microsoft. Others in the top 10 include Apple and Intel, according to research firm IFI.

What is considered the most valuable patent of all time?

patent for the telephone
The patent for the telephone is often considered to be the most valuable patent in history.

How do I patent an idea with no money?

I Have an Invention Idea But No Money: Here’s What to Do!

  1. Examine Your Invention Idea.
  2. Ensure There Isn’t an Outstanding Patent for Your Idea.
  3. Keep Documentation of Your Invention Idea.
  4. Apply for a Patent for Your Invention.
  5. Check Out These Similar Posts.
  6. Take Out a Personal or Business Loan to Fund Your Invention.

Can you sell a product without a patent?

No. You are not required to obtain a patent in order to sell a product or service embodying your invention. Many products and services are sold that are not patented. A U.S. patent provides the right to stop others from making marketing, selling, or importing your invention in the United States.

Who are the top 50 patent assignees in the US?

The Top 50 and related rankings from IFI provide insights into the most innovative companies and R&D organizations. Our CLAIMS Direct platform processes thousands of new patent documents every day and standardizes the data, enabling quick and accurate analysis. Rankings were compiled on January 2, 2018, using USPTO source data by assignee name.

Who are the top patent holders in the world?

Among the top patent holders are the following: Kia Silverbrook. Holding a reported 11,146 patents worldwide, Australian-born Silverbrook has been granted almost 4,000 U.S. patents as of April, 2011, and has thousands of patents pending. A majority of Silverbrook’s inventions are for advances in computer printer, inkjet and digital paper.

Where can I find the patent 300 list?

The Patent 300®, developed by Harrity Patent Analytics, is the intellectual property industry’s premier resource for patent insights and competitive intelligence on the world’s leading technology organizations.

Who are the top patent owners in 2020?

Law360 (January 15, 2021, 11:34 PM EST) — One law firm has scored over 350 more utility patents in 2020 than the next closest firm, marking… WASHINGTON (January 15, 2021) –  Harrity Patent Analytics is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 Top Patent Firms list.