Who is the new CEO of Sergio Tacchini?

Who is the new CEO of Sergio Tacchini?

Who is the new CEO of Sergio Tacchini?

SERGIO TACCHINI ANNOUNCES NEW OWNERSHIP Stefano Maroni to Lead Relaunch of Brand as CEO Stefano Maroni to Lead Relaunch of Brand as CEO Sergio Tacchini sportswear articles have been reworked by Clement Taverniti, designer and owner of Still Good, with graphics linked to the world of communication, international exchanges and movement in general.

What kind of clothes does Sergio Tacchini wear?

Sergio Tacchini and the Italian company Marbel have signed a licence agreement for creation and distribution in Italy of the Sergio Tacchini line for 0 to 14 year olds. The first collection for autumn winter 2019 was presented at Pitti Bimbo and comprises a sportswear line, an Archivio line that copies the adult wear based on…

When does the new Sergio Tacchini capsule come out?

Sergio Tacchini garments are tinged with electric blue, the Still Good signature colour, which is teamed with other strong shades such as lime green and silver, in addition to classic black and white. The new capsule stemming from this collaboration will be available in autumn 2019.

When did Sergio Tacchini make 80s Casual Classics?

80s Casual Classics stocks a vast range of Sergio Tacchini, stretching across not just it’s hit track tops and track bottoms, but also the Ski inspired modern classics produced for it’s more Winter season items. Sergio Tacchini’s heritage line made a return on 80s Casual Classics in Jan 2006. It’s first re-release was the legendary Dallas track

What kind of clothing does Sergio Tacchini make?

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What makes a Tacchini collection a cult piece?

The cult pieces of Tacchini’s collections. Stories: the new Tacchini Italia and Tacchini Edizioni catalogues tell about beauty that comes from construction and aesthetics, ideas and features. The refined elegance and innate charm that combine the pleasure of looking and living a space.

Who is the founder of Sergio Tacchini and Stampd?

Sergio Tacchini and STAMPD, the icon West Coast streetwear brand created by Chris Stamp, launched a capsule in Paris during Fashion Week 2019.