Who made Synsonics guitars?

Who made Synsonics guitars?

Who made Synsonics guitars?

1989 Synsonics Made By Gretsch W/Built In Amp Black.

Are Austin bass guitars any good?

They’re well made. My advice: If you’re looking to pick up a bass to mess around and learn on… give this one a shot. Though, I’ve never actually OWNED an Austin product, I did play three different ones for several minutes, each, and I was impressed with the quality.

What is the most versatile bass guitar?

Fender’s Jazz series is probably the most versatile bass design, as evidenced by the fact that it is the most copied design out there and bassists from all genres of music use them in great numbers.

Are Synsonic guitars good?

The neck alone on a Synsonic will go for as much as an entire Squier guitar. Squiers are in fact made in China and Indonesia. Other than the cheap tuners, that Squiers also use, these are very good guitars.

Where are Synsonics guitars made?

Product Specs

Listed 6 years ago
Finish Black
Categories Solid Body Travel / Mini
Year c1985
Made In China

Who makes Austin basses?

Torzal Guitars produces the Natural Twist, the world’s most ergonomic electric bass guitar, as well as a full line of custom electric and bass guitars. All of our guitars are Made in the USA by hand, right here in Austin, TX from one of the most skilled custom bass guitar builders in the world.

Are Austin electric guitars any good?

Our electric guitars are beautifully finished, well balanced and made from solid, seasoned tone woods. They feel great and sound the way you need them to and they look fantastic. They range in price from $189.00 list to $369.00 list. The result is pretty amazing, especially in the context of the guitar’s cost.

Is Austin a good guitar brand?

The Austin Strat is far & away better than any copy and is SUPERIOR to the Squier Strats. The action is awesome, fretboard is smooth, neck is just thin enough to facilitate speed, and the tone will rival my Pre-CBS Strat, giving that soulful David Gilmour sound. Buy it now before they realize that $120 is a STEAL!