Who makes a 325 WSM rifle?

Who makes a 325 WSM rifle?

Who makes a 325 WSM rifle?

Winchester Ammunition
325 Winchester Short Magnum, commonly known as the 325 WSM is an 8mm caliber rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum medium bore cartridge. The cartridge was introduced by Winchester Ammunition in 2005.

How good is the 325 WSM?

325 WSM offers over its brethren, as well take full advantage of its power, best bullets are those from weighing from 175 to 220 grains. I’m partial to those between 200 and 220 grains. 325 WSM is meant to handle. In its Expedition Big Game series, the company loads a 200-grain AccuBond CT bullet propelled to 2950 fps.

What is a 325 WSM compared to?

The 325 WSM has similar ballistics to the magnum action, medium bore 8mm Remington Magnum and 8×68 S cartridges. However, though the 8×68 S is relatively popular in Europe, 8mm cartridges simply aren’t very popular in North America and neither cartridge is widely used on this side of the Atlantic.

What does WSM stand for in rifles?

Winchester Short Magnum
Winchester Short Magnum, or WSM, refers to a family of rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridges developed in the early 2000s by the U.S. Repeating Arms Company, the maker of Winchester rifles and one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in the United States.

How far will a 300 short mag shoot?

As a long range hunting cartridge, the . 300 WSM loaded with A-Max projectiles is capable of producing wide wounding out to 1000 yards.

What is the best 300 WSM rifle?

C. Top 5 . 300 Win Mag Rifles

Rifle Top Feature MSRP
1. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Quality $1,599
2. Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight Accuracy $1,999
3. Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker Durability $899-Sale
4. Savage Arms 110BA Stealth Evolution Tactically styled $1,519

Which is better 300 Win Mag or 300 WSM?

Truly, choosing between the 300 Winchester magnums comes down to the length and weight of rifle you prefer. If you like short, quick actions, go with the WSM. If the 30-06-length standard action works for you, stick with the old 300 Win.

Is a 7mm or 30-06 More Powerful?

The 7mm Rem Mag fires smaller caliber and lighter, but generally more aerodynamic bullets at a higher velocity than the . 30-06 Springfield. The 7mm Rem Mag has a flatter trajectory, more kinetic energy at typical hunting ranges, and is also better for longer range shots, but the . 30-06 has less recoil.