Who manufactures turboprop engines?

Who manufactures turboprop engines?

Who manufactures turboprop engines?

Manufacturers of turboprop aircraft include the following companies:

  • Cessna.
  • Beechcraft.
  • Piaggio.
  • Piper.
  • Pilatus.
  • Socata.

What is the most powerful turboprop engine?

The NK-12 remains the most powerful turboprop engine to enter service, although the Europrop TP400 (in 2005) has come close to this. Another engine of similar size, the Pratt & Whitney T57 with 15,000 shp (11,000 kW) and 5,000 lbf (22 kN) jet thrust, ran 3,100 hours before being cancelled in 1957.

How much does a turboprop weigh?


Output shaft speed 2,158 RPM
Length 35.08 in
Engine weight 135.8 lbs
Take-off (5 min) 241 HP
Maximum continuous 214 HP

How much does a turboprop engine cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Turboprop? Acquisition costs for new models in this category run from $4m to $8m list price for Twins-Engine Turboprops. New Single-Engine Turboprops have a list price between $2m to $5m. Pre-owned prices for turboprops aged between five and 10-years old can run from $1m to about $3.5m.

What planes use turboprop engines?

Examples of turboprop powered aircraft include the Bombardier Dash 8, the Alenia ATR 42 and the Pilatus PC-12. A turboprop engine uses the same principles as a turbojet to produce energy, that is, it incorporates a compressor, combustor and turbine within the gas generator of the engine.

Should I buy a turboprop?

The overall cost of a turboprop is lower than a jet both for chartering and for owning. Fewer moving parts in a turboprop engine make it more reliable and less likely to require extensive maintenance. Since turboprops burn less fuel per hour than jets, their hourly operation cost is lower.

Who are the manufacturers of turboprop aircraft engines?

PBS AEROSPACE production division, is a manufacturer of aircraft turboprop engines. PBS AEROSPACE Inc. (US) is the supplier of these engines in the USA. The PBS TP100 is a turboprop engine especially suited to small aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

What kind of engine is the TP 100?

The TP 100 was developed from an engine developed by PBS of the Czech Republic for use in UAVs. The design goal was to provide an engine that could run on globally available fuels, such as Jet-A or ultra-low-sulfur diesel, given the disappearance of avgas in most parts of the world.

What kind of aircraft engine is PBS TP100?

The PBS TP100 is a turboprop engine, which is ideal for small aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and is particularly suitable for use by the rescue services, the police, the military (for reconnaissance purposes) and in agriculture.

How big is a 100 hp turboprop engine?

Specifications STV 100 HP. Engine type: Turboprop. Compressor: 1-stage centrifugal flow compressor. Turbine: 1-stage gas generator power turbine and 1-stage free power turbine. Lenght: 555 mm. Diameter: 280 mm. Dry Weight: 28,00 kg. Maximum Power Output: 100 hp up to 33.000 ft.