Who owns Luna Innovations?

Who owns Luna Innovations?

Who owns Luna Innovations?

Our new partnership with Carilion is further illustration of my deep belief that we can discover, nurture, and commercialize innovations that solve global problems in our own back yard – and at the same time produce 21st century, cutting-edge jobs to benefit southwest Virginians,” said Kent Murphy, PhD, Luna …

What does Luna Innovations do?

Luna Innovations is an American developer and manufacturer of fiber-optics- and terahertz-based technology products for the aerospace, automotive, communications, defense, energy, infrastructure, security, and silicon photonics industries. It is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia.

Is Luna a company?

Luna Innovations Incorporated provides optical technology products. The Company offers optoelectronics and fiber optic test products for the telecommunications industry, as well as distributes fiber optic sensing for the aerospace and automotive industries.

What is Fibre physics?

An optical fibre is a thin rod of high-quality glass. Very little light is absorbed by the glass. Light getting in at one end undergoes repeated total internal reflection , even when the fibre is bent, and emerges at the other end. Total internal reflection in a fibre optic.

What kind of company is Luna Innovations Incorporated?

Luna Innovations Incorporated develops, manufactures, and markets fiber optic test, measurement, and control products worldwide. It operates through two segments, Lightwave and Luna Labs.

What makes Luna a great company to work for?

This heritage stems from a series of in-house technology innovations and acquisitions. Enabling the future with fiber. To enhance the safety, security and connectivity of people by leveraging our expertise in fiber optic-based technology and the information it provides.

What kind of research does Luna labs do?

The Luna Labs segment provides applied research for customers principally in the areas of sensing and materials, such as coatings, adhesives, composites, and bio-engineered materials.

Why are Luna photonic test solutions so important?

Luna’s advanced photonic test solutions help engineers bring new photonic technology to market faster and more efficiently. Automotive OEMs and suppliers rely on Luna measurement solutions to develop, validate and manufacture the technologies that will drive a new era of mobility and sustainability.