Who plays grown up Lucy in Z Nation?

Who plays grown up Lucy in Z Nation?

Who plays grown up Lucy in Z Nation?

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Lucy Serena Murphy
Actor Cora M. Abdallah Madelyn Grace, Bea Corley Caitlin Carmichael Kelly Washington Tara Holt Sara Coates Madonna Magee
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 3 (Physically Adult)

Was Michael B Jordan in Z Nation?

Infected by Zombies. Out of mercy by Mack Thompson. Jordan Beale is a character featured in “Z Nation”, first encountered in Season 2 episode 14 “Day One” .

Who plays Lauren in Z Nation?

Kellita Smith
About Kellita Smith Kellita Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Is Anthony Michael Hall in Z Nation?

Hall made guest appearances in two episodes of the sitcom Community. He also guest-starred in Z Nation in the role of Gideon, a former communications manager leading a group of zombie apocalypse survivors (only episode 2.11). In 2016, Hall plays himself as the customer being serviced in an AT Mobile commercial.

Is Michael B Jordan a billionaire?

Is Michael B Jordan a billionaire? The American actor is not a billionaire at the moment. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is $25 million.

What was Michael B Jordan’s first role?

He began working as a child model, and that led to his first acting roles in 1999. That year he notably appeared in an episode of The Sopranos and had a small part in the movie Black and White. Jordan then played a member of an inner-city youth baseball team in Hardball (2001).

Who stole the food in Z Nation?

It turns out that only two people have access to the food, Gideon and Iggy. While Gideon is the group’s leader, Iggy is just the guy who volunteered to work in the kitchen. He’s been caught stealing food before, and that’s all that the hotel group needs to hear in order to sentence him to banishment.

Who shot Murphy in the hotel?

There’s a lot of shouting and aggression until Doc realizes that Greg is awake! Greg, who’s now a Cassandra-sort-of-zombie, points out the shooter: Travis, one of the hotel residents, who’s been planning on leaving the hotel with Dana for some time. He gets shot by Greg, turns into a Z and is killed by Addy.