Who was from District 8 in The Hunger Games?

Who was from District 8 in The Hunger Games?

Who was from District 8 in The Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen remembering Cecelia. Cecelia was the District 8 female tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. She was also the victor of an unspecified Hunger Games.

Is District 8 poor in Hunger Games?

It is considered a lower-middle class district. Based on the arena wear for the 74th Hunger Games, the district’s colour seems to be dark buff leather brown (#835c27 – ).

Who killed the girl from District 8?

She, along with Cato, was one of the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games to be mortally wounded and then mercifully killed. She was mortally wounded by Cato and then mercifully killed by Peeta in the book, while Cato was mauled by mutts, and mercifully killed by Katniss.

Who is the guy from District 1 Hunger Games?

74th Hunger Games. Marvel is the District 1 male tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. Marvel was a Career tribute and was very skilled at throwing spears.

What district is the richest Hunger Games?

The richest district in The Hunger Games is likely District 1, since it produces luxury items for the Capitol and has enough wealth to produce Career Tributes.

What did District 8 male do in The Hunger Games?

The 8 Male made an alliance with the Hayden and District 6 Male, to form an alliance for oppressed tributes. He and his allies managed to survive two days in the forests surrounding the village, before coming out on the third day to get supplies.

Who was the male tribute in District 8?

The District 8 Male was the male tribute from District 8 who participated in the 699th Hunger Games . In the film, he was training his plant identification skills, trying to increase his intelligence. He scored a 7 and had the odds of 15-1.

Who are Bonnie and twill in The Hunger Games?

Bonnie and Twill were two people from District 8 who were trying to escape to District 13. Katniss had found them traveling through the woods surrounding District 12. They showed her a piece of bread with a Mockingjay stamped on it, which is the “symbol for the rebels”.

Why did Katniss go to District 8 in Mockingjay?

Katniss during her visit to District 8. In Mockingjay, Katniss went to District 8 to visit the victims from the Capitol bombings and to broadcast the first propaganda video to air in all the districts and the Capitol.