Who was General Nivelle?

Who was General Nivelle?

Who was General Nivelle?

Robert Nivelle
Douglas Haig, 1st Earl HaigErich LudendorffWilhelm, German Crown PrinceFritz von Below
Nivelle offensive/Commanders

Why was France forced to replace their military command after the Nivelle offensive?

While the immediate cause was the extreme optimism and subsequent disappointment at the Nivelle Offensive in the spring of 1917, other causes were pacifism (stimulated by the Russian Revolution and the trade union movement) and disappointment at the non-arrival of American troops, whom French soldiers on the front had …

Who was the French commander in chief in ww1?

Joseph-Jacques-Césaire Joffre
Joseph-Jacques-Césaire Joffre, (born Jan. 12, 1852, Rivesaltes, Fr. —died Jan. 3, 1931, Paris), commander in chief (1914–16) of the French armies on the Western Front in World War I, who won fame as “the Victor of the Marne.”

Who won the Nivelle offensive?

Nivelle Offensive
The Western Front, 1917
Date 16 April – 9 May 1917 Location Northern France Result German victory
German Empire France British Empire Russian Expeditionary Force

Did nivelle make good use of artillery?

Nivelle was a very capable commander and organizer of field artillery at the regimental and divisional levels. In May 1916, he succeeded Philippe Pétain as commander of the French Second Army in the Battle of Verdun, leading counter-offensives that rolled back the German forces in late 1916.

Why was the Nivelle offensive important?

The Nivelle Offensive 1917, was a Franco–British offensive on the Western Front in the First World War. The French part of the offensive was intended to be strategically decisive by breaking through the German defences on the Aisne within 48 hours, with casualties expected to be around 10,000 men.

What happened to the French army in ww2?

It is estimated that between 50,000 and 90,000 soldiers of the French army were killed in the fighting of May and June 1940. In addition to the casualties, 1.8m French soldiers, from metropolitan France and across the French empire, were captured during the Battle of France and made prisoners of war (POWs).

What Battle on the Western Front had the most soldiers killed and saw French soldiers refuse orders?

Battle of Verdun
c. 50 divisions 75 divisions (in sequence)
Casualties and losses
336,000–355,000 casualties c. 143,000 killed 379,000–400,000 casualties 163,000 killed 216,000 wounded

Why did France join ww1?

France entered World War I when Germany declared war on 3 August 1914. France had had a military alliance with Russia since 1894, designed primarily to neutralize the German threat to both countries. Germany had a military alliance with Austria-Hungary.

Who was General Henri Petain?

Henri-Philippe Pétain (1856-1951) was a World War I French general who was later imprisoned for treason. A 58-year-old colonel at the start of battle in 1914, Pétain earned acclaim for stopping the Germans at the Battle of Verdun and assumed command of the French forces in 1917.