Who was the Chicago Tribune founded by?

Who was the Chicago Tribune founded by?

Who was the Chicago Tribune founded by?

James Kelly
The Tribune was founded by James Kelly, John E. Wheeler, and Joseph K. C. Forrest, publishing the first edition on June 10, 1847.

When was the Chicago Tribune founded?

June 10, 1847
Chicago Tribune/First issue date

Who owns the Tribune Company?

Nexstar Media Group
Tribune Media/Parent organizations

Acquisition by Nexstar Media Group On December 3, 2018, Nexstar Media Group announced its intent to merge with Tribune Media for $6.4 billion and it will still be known as “Nexstar Media Group”.

What is the Chicago Tribune known for?

The Tribune, winner of 27 Pulitzer Prizes, is known for its innovative investigative reporting, insightful coverage of the arts and culture, and community-leading opinion writing.

Who is the CEO of the Chicago Tribune?

Terry Jimenez
With sale completed, Tribune Publishing CEO is out Terry Jimenez, who had led the company since January 2020, opposed the sale to Alden Global Capital but leaves with a $2.55 million package.

What is the Chicago newspaper called?

Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune, daily newspaper published in Chicago, one of the leading American newspapers and long the dominant, sometimes strident, voice of the Midwest. The newspaper—as well as its parent company and later media conglomerate, the Tribune Company—was founded in 1847 by three Chicagoans.

How much is the Tribune worth?

Tribune Publishing

One Prudential Plaza in Chicago, Illinois is the headquarters of Tribune Publishing.
Total assets $682.3 million USD (2019)
Number of employees 4,114 (2019)
Parent Alden Global Capital
Website www.tribpub.com

How long has the Chicago Tribune been around?


Has the Chicago Tribune been sold?

confirmed that its shareholders approved a buyout offer by Alden Global Capital LLC. The vote gives Alden – an entity with a reputation for aggressive cost-cutting – control over the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and the New York Daily News, along with a smattering of smaller papers.