Who won Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh?

Who won Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh?

Who won Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh?


Battle League Result
Shotty Horroh vs Arsonal (Rematch) KOTD 2-1 Win
Shotty Horroh vs Hitman Holla KOTD Promo
Shotty Horroh vs Tony D Don’t Flop Promo
Shotty Horroh vs Daylyt UW Battle League Promo

Is Shotty Horroh alive?

Shotty Horroh
Born 22 September 1986 Harpurhey, Manchester, England
Genres Hip hop rock alternative rock alternative hip hop trap cloud rap grime EDM trap rap rock
Occupation(s) Rapper singer
Years active 2000-present

What is shotty Horroh real name?

Adam Rooney
Shotty Horroh/Full name

Where is Arsonal da rebel from?

Newark, New Jersey
Arsonal was born on December 16, 1986 in Newark, New Jersey, USA as Darrell Jones Jr.

What does shotty mean?

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What does shotty mean in Tiktok?

Shawty is a slang version of the word “shorty” and is typically used to refer to an attractive woman.

Is shotty a bad word?

adjective, shod·di·er, shod·di·est. of poor quality or inferior workmanship: a shoddy bookcase. intentionally rude or inconsiderate; shabby: shoddy behavior.

When did Shotty Horroh start his battle career?

Shotty Horroh began his battling career at his own event where he faced off against Grind Time legend and fan favorite Dizaster. Shotty then went on to face Don’t Flop legend Oshea on Lab Battles, in a promo match up showing that even after only two battles he could still clash with the top spitters on both sides of the Atlantic.

Who is the rapper known as Shotty Horroh?

Adam Rooney (born 22 September 1986), better known by his stage name Shotty Horroh, is a British rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. In 2017, Shotty Horroh signed a four album record deal with Sony Music and released his major label debut album titled Salt of the Earth. He is also known as a battle rapper.

When did Shotty Horroh battle Arsonal Da Rebel?

At the 4th Birthday Weekend Shotty Horroh was gifted a battle with the ‘undefeated’ Arsonal Da Rebel. Both battlers brought exceptional performances to make this battle an instant classic and the most viewed match on the channel. After his stunning showing against Arsonal, Shotty went onto battle numerous top tier battlers in quick succession.

When did Shotty Horroh sign to Sony Music?

In July 2017, Shotty Horroh was signed to the label mau5trap. On 20 November 2017, he announced he had signed a four-album record deal with Sony Music. On 8 June 2018, Shotty Horroh released his debut single on a major label, titled “Shudehill”.