Who won Fencing 2012 Olympics?

Who won Fencing 2012 Olympics?

Who won Fencing 2012 Olympics?

Yana Shemyakina
Britta HeidemannSun Yujie
Fencing at the 2012 Summer Olympics/Medalists

Who is the best fencer in the US?

Top 6

  1. Mariel Zagunis (1985 – ) With an HPI of 41.84, Mariel Zagunis is the most famous American Fencer.
  2. Ibtihaj Muhammad (1985 – ) With an HPI of 41.72, Ibtihaj Muhammad is the 2nd most famous American Fencer.
  3. Alexander Massialas (1994 – )
  4. Gerek Meinhardt (1990 – )
  5. Courtney Hurley (1990 – )
  6. Race Imboden (1993 – )

Who is a famous fencer?

Table: The Top Ranked Athletes from Fencing at the Olympic Games (including 2021)

rank name country
1 Edoardo Mangiarotti Italy
2 Aladár Gerevich Hungary
3 Valentina Vezzali Italy
4 Pál Kovács Hungary

Who won the 2016 Olympics fencing?

There were 38 competitors from 20 nations. South Korea’s Park Sang-young won the individual gold, the first victory for South Korea in the event after bronze medals in 2000 and 2012….Fencing at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men’s épée.

Men’s épée at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Venue Carioca Arena 3
Date 9 August 2016
Competitors 38 from 20 nations

How many fencers are in the US?

That’s already 210,000 fencers right there just in the US alone. There are so many high school, college, club and programs where the people are not USFA members.

How do you qualify for Olympic fencing?

Team fencing qualification for the Olympics

  1. You must be a United States national with a valid US passport and over the age of 13.
  2. Top 3 athletes on the USA Fencing Senior Team Points-Impacting Events qualify for the team, with the fourth athlete on the list becoming the alternate.

Who is the best female fencer in the world?

Rank Points Name
1 234 POPESCU Ana Maria
2 227 SUN Yiwen
3 162 CHOI Injeong
4 148 NAVARRIA Mara

Which country has best fencing?


Top Positions %
1 Russia 16.1
2 Italy 12.7
3 France 12.1
4 South Korea 10.3

What is a male fencer called?

The sabre (US English: saber, both pronounced /ˈseɪbər/) is one of the three disciplines of modern fencing. The informal term sabreur refers to a male fencer who follows the discipline; sabreuse is the female equivalent.