Who won the block in 2013?

Who won the block in 2013?

Who won the block in 2013?

Twins Alisa and Lysandra, who went on to compete again in The Block ‘Fans vs Faves’ in 2014, won the 2013 season of the show. The sisters netted a total profit of $395,000 in 2013, but have made $1.01 million in The Block prize money to date — making them two of the most successful Blockheads ever.

Who won the Block NZ 2014?

Corban Walls
Alex Walls
The Block NZ – Season 3/Winners

Alex and Corban Walls won The Block NZ in 2014. “The site, with beautiful views of the Waitemata Harbour, is very small, steep and limited with height restrictions,” Corban says. “It is on the edge of a 400-acre native reserve in a significant ecological area.

Who won the Block 2017 NZ?

Despite being passed in initially, brothers-in-law Andy and Nate were crowned The Block winners after selling their house for $1,250,000, which gave them a profit of $31,000. Andy and Nate walk away with $131,000 and a Honda Civic RS Sport Turbo Hatch after also winning the People’s Choice Award.

Why did Janah leave the block NZ?

Janah reveals why she quit There was no fight or disagreement between Rachel and I – it was because of my flourishing construction and interior-design business booming after Covid. “Also, I was surprised at how much I missed my little ones last year – and that was only for two weeks!

Are Chris and Jenna from the block still together?

Chris and Jenna: Still together Renovates. Kitchen Designers.

How is the winner of the block decided?

“All the scores you get from the judges are accumulated throughout the entire series, and whoever has the most points from the judges overall gets to choose the auction order at the end of this series.” It’s not just choosing where they go in the auction order, the winning team will determine the entire auction order.

Who made the most money on the block?

The biggest winner in history has been Darren and Deanne with a total auction profit of $835,000. Watch video in the top player to find out which other couples have won big on The Block.

Do the block contestants keep the profit?

The apartments were then sold at auction, with each couple keeping any profit made above a set reserve price and the couple with the highest profit winning a A$100,000 prize.

Who wins the Block 2021 NZ?

The hosts are Mark Richardson and former judge Shelly Ferguson and the site foreman is Peter Wolfkamp. The winning team will win $100,000 on top of their auction profit….The Block NZ (season 9)

The Block NZ
Original release 14 June 2021 – present
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Why did Connie and Rachel get disqualified?

Connie and Rach are disqualified from this week’s competition after breaking The Block’s rules.

Who are the winners of the block New Zealand?

Libby and Ben Crawford of the Libby&Ben advertising agency. The Block NZ ‘s debut season kicked off in 2012, in the affluent suburb of Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore. Despite causing a stir among residents, the debut series proved a winning formula for both viewers and TV3.

Who was the winner of the block in 2013?

Twin cops Alisa and Lysandra won the 2013 season of the show, earning themselves a total profit of $395,000. They later competed on the show again in 2014 for The Block Fans vs Faves but lost out to Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford.

When does the block New Zealand season start?

The first season of The Block NZ premiered on 4 July 2012 and ended on 6 September 2012. It is set in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna . The second season of The Block NZ premiered on 26 August 2013 and ended on 4 November 2013.

Who was the winner of the block season 2?

Image: Channel 9. Andrew Rochford shot to fame after winning the second season of The Block with his now wife Jamie Nicholson in 2004. The couple applied for the show on a whim and ended up winning $178,000 in profit.