Why did Annie Lennox cut her hair?

Why did Annie Lennox cut her hair?

Why did Annie Lennox cut her hair?

BRANT: When did you decide to cut your hair short? LENNOX: I wanted to create something that was quite edgy and belonged to me. It wasn’t about my sexual orientation, because I’m heterosexual. It was saying that appearance is just temporary, and I want to be as strong as a man.

What Colour is Annie Lennox hair?

orange hair
But after meeting one of our pop idols, Annie Lennox, backstage after a Eurythmics gig, we upped the ante. Annie kindly revealed the secrets of her bright orange hair colour.

What color are Annie Lennox eyes?

ice blue eyes
Annie Lennox, ice blue eyes. Cb.

Who was Annie Lennox first husband?

Lennox has been married three times. Her first marriage, from 1984 to 1985, was to German Hare Krishna devotee Radha Raman. From 1988 to 2000, Lennox was married to Israeli film and record producer Uri Fruchtmann and they lived in The Grove, Highgate. The couple have two daughters, Lola and Tali.

What did Annie Lennox do for a living?

The Circle, a global NGO founded by singer, songwriter and activist Annie Lennox that uses the collective power of women to fight for gender equality, today launches a new campaign, #CirclesOfChange, to raise funds for some of the most vulnerable women and girls…

What kind of clothes did Annie Lennox wear?

Early in Eurythmics’ career, Lennox was known for her androgyny, wearing suits and once impersonating Elvis Presley.

How many solo albums does Annie Lennox have?

To date, she has released six solo studio albums and a compilation album, The Annie Lennox Collection (2009). Aside from her eight Brit Awards, she has also collected four Grammy Awards and an MTV Video Music Award.

When do Annie Lennox’s tickets go on sale?

Annie Lennox, Sting, Taylor Swift, Emeli Sandé, Jessie J, Paloma Faith, Celeste and more launch The Circle Music Auction All proceeds to go to The Circle’s global Covid-19 Emergency Appeal Trailer HERE Wednesday 17th June 2020, London, UK: Singer-Songwriter,…