Why did Denholm die in IT Crowd?

Why did Denholm die in IT Crowd?

Why did Denholm die in IT Crowd?

However there were many irregularities in the business’ pension fund, so much so that in 2007, Denholm committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of the business’ headquarters, leaving his only son, Douglas, as head of Reynholm Industries….

Denholm Reynholm
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What episode of IT Crowd does Denholm die?

Return of the Golden Child
Return of the Golden Child. Denholm dies and they have to go to the funeral and Roy is worried about dying.

Is The IT Crowd still on?

Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd has come to an end after four series, its creator Graham Linehan has told fans. The show, about the socially inept employees of an IT support centre, will return for an extended special next year before bowing out. …

When did Denholm Reynholm die in the IT Crowd?

When Denholm committed suicide in 2007, all members of the IT Department seemed to be quite shocked and taken aback by the sudden fatality. However, Jen Barber said that she enjoyed informing the rest of the building of their boss’s death, though that may have only been as an attempt to seem more confident.

Who is Douglas Denholm in the IT Crowd?

Douglas, Denholm’s son, arrives for the funeral and takes over the business from his father. He seems a highly sexed man and is delighted when given Roy’s phone and it vibrates in his pocket.

How did Roy Trenneman die in the IT Crowd?

The ceremony began with an alarming speech by the vicar about the dangers of death and how all of us will eventually die one day. This put one of the attendants, Roy Trenneman, on edge, as he had been told by a website that he was so unhealthy that he was going to die at three o’clock that day.

When does Roy Denholm commit suicide in Emmerdale?

In Roy’s case it would seem to be Thursday afternoon at three. In the meantime Denholm commits suicide when the firm is investigated for fraud. His funeral takes place at three on the Thursday afternoon and during the ceremony Roy’s phone goes off. He thinks that his time has come and starts screaming and swearing.