Why does Google use 4 colours?

Why does Google use 4 colours?

Why does Google use 4 colours?

Colours of the logo are reminiscent of the first Google server built from Lego bricks. Google’s first server rack was built from Lego bricks, as the team considered it a more cost-efficient (and expandable) way to secure ten 4GB hard drives. The colours included in it were red, yellow, blue and green, same as the logo.

What is Google’s main color?

Yellow is cheerful and bright and optimistic. The Google logo is comprised of those primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Except for that lone green letter L. The original designer of the Google logo, Ruth Kedar, said there were many different color iterations considered.

What is Microsoft’s color?

The official Microsoft colors are orange red, green, blue, yellow and gray. We recommend using the Microsoft color palette for personal projects and in the case of commercial use to visit the company website.

Are Google’s colors trademarked?

Are the colors in Google’s logo trademarked? Technically no, in that you can use the colors. But using those exact colors in that exact order on letters will no doubt be an infringement on the overall logo design.

What are the four Colours of Google?

What Colors Are In The Google Logo? Google’s current logo uses its traditional and familiar colors: red, yellow, blue, and green.

What does Microsoft logo colors mean?

The colours are a representative of a division or product line of the corporation. The orange/red colour stands for Microsoft’s Office products. Red means business and suggests busy and productive which is what Office does, to get things done. The green colour stands for Microsoft Gaming, mainly XBox.

Can I use a Google logo?

The Google logo can only be used if you have an existing partnership or sponsorship and you’ve reached out to your Google contact to secure formal approval from the Google brand team.

Why is Google’s logo different today?

So, basically, the change was not because the old logo was too boring to look at, but because logos serve a brand as an icon. According to Google’s own blog post about logo change, β€œThe new logo was created with Google’s best traits in mind – simple, uncluttered, colorful, and friendly.”