Why is Jeph Loeb hated?

Why is Jeph Loeb hated?

Why is Jeph Loeb hated?

A lot of his writing is just excessive. It’s like Loeb doesn’t have a concept of rounded characters anymore. He was obviously in love with the idea of the Red Hulk.

What did Jeph Loeb do?

Loeb was a producer/writer on the TV series Smallville and Lost, writer for the films Commando and Teen Wolf, and a writer and co-executive producer on the NBC TV show Heroes from its premiere in 2006 to November 2008. In 2010, Loeb became Executive Vice President of Marvel Television.

Where was Jeph Loeb born?

United States
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How did Sam Loeb die?

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What happened Jeph Loeb?

Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb is out at the comic book powerhouse after a nearly decade-long run. With his promotion, Feige — who has overseen Marvel’s multibillion-dollar box office dominance — now oversees the creative direction of the company’s content creation, including publishing, film, TV and animation.

How long is Spiderman blue?

Collected editions. In January 2009 the miniseries was collected and published into the trade paperback, Spider-Man: Blue (144 pages, May 2002, ISBN 0-7851-1071-2, 162 pages, hardcover, ISBN 0-7851-3446-8).

Why was Jeph Loeb fired from Marvel?

Loeb’s reason, according to Shinkoda, was because “nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people.” Shinkoda quoted what he’s heard from “many” sources, including writers and showrunners: “There were three previous Marvel movies, a trilogy called Blade where Wesley Snipes kills 200 Asians.

Is Jeph Loeb still with Marvel?

Late last year it was announced that Feige would take over, leaving Marvel Television executive Jeph Loeb to exit the company he helped establish with popular series such as Daredevil, Agents of SHIELD, and Runaways.

How old is Jeph Loeb?

63 years (January 29, 1958)
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Does the flash appear in Smallville?

In Smallville season 4, the series introduced DC’s fourth Flash, Bart Allen. Here’s why Clark never met the other, more popular versions. Smallville’s version of the Flash was Bart Allen, instead of the most popular version of the DC Comics hero, Barry Allen.

Who is the blue guy in Spider-Man?

Electro (Maxwell Dillon) is the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He is a fictional super villain character that appears in the Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964. He was portrayed in the 2014 film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Jamie Foxx.