Why is my BF4 not opening?

Why is my BF4 not opening?

Why is my BF4 not opening?

Re: Battlefield 4 won’t launch Right-click on the game icon and select Game Properties. In the Game Properties go to Advanced Launch Options. In this tab select Battlefield 4 x86 and click Save. Relaunch Origin client (run it as Administrator)

How do I fix my Battlefield 4 loading screen?

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin and right click on Origin.exe and go to properties. Then go to compatibility tab and check the box next to RUN AS ADMIN. If all this fails to fix it then try this… BF4 folder in my documents holds game configs and screen shots even if BF4 is installed on different drive.

Why is Origin not launching?

Games not launching or Origin won’t open problems can be triggered by various other issues. In many cases, those games stop launching due to the Windows or program update. Other reasons may include software compatibility, background processes, and applications that cannot run at the same time on the machine.

Why does BF4 take forever to load?

What is causing the problem is that there is a lot of data to process. An SSD does it faster. Get one or suffer long loading times, it’s pretty much that simple. Alternately you can create a RAM disk if you have spare RAM.

What to do if BF4 wont launch on PC?

Also, try to disable “Origin in game” in Application Settings of Origin and please go to your Library and right-click on the Battlefield 4 icon and select “Game Properties” , select “Advanced Launch Options” and select Battlefield 4 (x64) or (x86) and Save. Then, reboot your PC.

Why does Battlefield 4 not want to launch?

Battlefield won’t launch. In task manager i see usage of process bf4.exe goes up, then Windows error reporting comes on (as a process, not a window) and bf4.exe dissapears. Event viewer says that is error 0x0000005.

Why does Battlefield 4 have a black screen?

You may experience a black screen when launching Battlefield 4 while using the Windows Aero theme with DPI scaling set to 150% or 200%. Some players have reported that their campaign progress is lost after restarting their Xbox during either a proper shutdown or the resetting of a multiplayer game.