Why Vietnamese celebrate Christmas?

Why Vietnamese celebrate Christmas?

Why Vietnamese celebrate Christmas?

The vast majority of Vietnam is Buddhist – but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating Christmas. The Vietnamese are fun-loving people and welcome all kinds of festivals as a way to get together and party. For most Vietnamese, Christmas is more of a novelty than a religious event and it isn’t an official holiday.

What do Vietnamese call Christmas?

Merry Christmas in Vietnamese is “Chúc Mừng Giáng Sinh”!

Is Christmas a public holiday in Vietnam?

There are several local and regional observances that are not officially recognised as paid holidays including the Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party, the Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh and Christmas Day. …

What’s the most common Christmas tradition in Slovakia?

As majority of Slovaks belong to Roman Catholic church, many Christmas traditions are related to religious celebrations. It is also a time of cleaning, baking, shopping for presents and decorating the Christmas tree.

Which is the most magical season of the year in Slovakia?

Christmas is probably the most magical season of the year. Slovaks love Christmas and it is the main feast celebrated here. What does Christmas in Slovakia look like? Which traditions do Slovaks still follow and which were practiced by their ancestors?

When do people open their presents in Slovakia?

Majority of Slovak families open their presents after the main Christmas meal, but some just can’t wait and dine surrounded with torn wrapping paper. The Christmas supper varies between regions and families.

What do Slovaks do for St Nicholas Day?

6 th December, St. Nicholas day, the traditional day for Slovaks for exchanging gifts; 13 th December, St. Lucia’s day, when the powers of darkness were said to do more harm than usual to people’s health and property. In the evening women dressed up in fancy dress and ritually chased the evil spirits out of their houses;