Will Folex remove old stains?

Will Folex remove old stains?

Will Folex remove old stains?

It’s a non-toxic and odor-free formula that can remove both new and old stains instantly with little work required. Folex is safe to use on color fast carpet or material that can be safely dampened with water, but it is still recommended that you test on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stain.

Can you use Folex stain remover on clothes?

The Folex Carpet Spot Remover´╗┐ Has Over 20,000 Positive Reviews On Amazon. The carpet spot remover can clean any material that can be safely dampened with water, not just your rug. So you can use it on your car seats, your clothing, and certain kinds of upholstery, too.

What stains does Folex remove?

Product Description FOLEX Instant Carpet Spot Remover works on any colorfast carpets, upholstery & materials that can be safely dampened with water. Our amazing surfactant action removes pet accidents, grease, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, grime, and even most old stains.

Why does Folex work so well?

How does Folex work? To me, it’s magic, but scientifically speaking, Folex is a surfactant, which means it reduces the surface tension of the stain and frees it from the carpet.

What is Folex cleaner?

Folex Professional Carpet Spot Remover is formulated to help remove spots and stains from colorfast carpets or material that can be safely water dampened. Cleaner helps remove stains from walls, wood, clothing and upholstery.

Does Folex work on coffee stains?

Long story short, it worked! It got rid of the coffee stain that nothing else got out!!!

Who owns Folex?

Barrett Lash – President – FOLEX COMPANY | LinkedIn.

Does Folex work on water stains?

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a microfiber couch, but every drop of water, drool, anything will stain the fabric. I’ve been using Folex for years on my carpet and in my car for spot cleaning because it is literally the only stain remover that works and fully gets the stain out-it doesn’t resurface a few weeks later.