Will Nestea come back?

Will Nestea come back?

Will Nestea come back?

New Age Beverages Corp. is expanding its partnership with Nestlé and will again market and sell Nestea powdered tea products in the U.S. The relaunch is taking place through retail outlets and the company’s e-commerce system, the company said in a release.

Is Nestea in the States?

Nestea is a Swiss brand of iced tea and pop beverages owned by Nestlé, manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company and distributed by Nestlé’s beverage department in the United States and by Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW), a joint venture between The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé, in the rest of the world.

Did Nestle stop making Nestea?

Nestle and Coke Are Ending Their Nestea Iced Tea Venture After 16 Years. Nestle and Coca-Cola (KO) have agreed to end their Nestea iced tea joint venture after 16 years and pursue separate strategies in the fast-changing bottled drinks market.

Who bought Nestea?

New Age acquired the Nestea brand earlier this year when it purchased Brands Within Reach, a New York-based sales and marketing agency. Along with Nestea, the transaction saw New Age take over licensing and distribution for Nestle’s Volvic water brand, Danone’s Evian premium water brand and The Coca-Cola Co.’s Illy R.

What company owns Nestea?

Nestlé Global
Nestea drinks brand | Nestlé Global.

Is Nestea bad?

While the ingredients seen in the lemon and peach variations of Nestea are not incredibly harmful to the body, it is the sugar content you will want to watch out for. Nestea contains many other ingredients other than tea including sugar as the second ingredient, at 12 grams of sugar per serving!

Is Nestea owned by Nestle?

Nestea drinks brand | Nestlé Global.

Is Nestea instant tea being discontinued?

After being discontinued by Nestle in 2018, the favorite instant tea powder is back! Distributed by the New Age Beverage Co.

Is it OK to drink Nestea everyday?

Nestea is a commonly consumed commercially made ice tea that is owned by Coca-Cola. While tea can be very beneficial to your overall health, Nestea is loaded with sugar, and should not be consumed regularly.