5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

I am speaking from the topographical or geographical point of view the country is placed on number two in world rankings. Such a massive country has a variety of land, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, lakes, and what not, just think of it, and it is present in the homeland.

The demography of the country is very less. The number of people in Canada living is around thirty-seven million (37,257,040) as per the census of June 7, 2019. The point is that such a massive piece of land which has no crowd, so it brings few delusions in the minds of newbies in the country.

It becomes a little challenging to locate a particular place or destination if you are not in touch with some local people. Very few opinions, straight with facts can only help the native people but the outside the boundary lines do need or require some more specifics so that one should not face any hassle or problem in locating the destination.

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Let’s see some of the places in Canada other than “Niagra Falls.” Niagra falls the place which every site mentions so where is the fun! Apart from Niagra Falls here are five other wonderful and alluring areas of Canada.

1. Reindeer Lake

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The lake is situated in the distant wilderness of the northern region of Saskatchewan province. The lake is well known for its fishing which is outstanding in the whole world, and in fact, is done in outlandish. Commonly occurring species of vegetation and other varieties are northern pikes, walleye, and not to leave behind the lake trout.

At a distance of six miles, the mesmerizing scenery is a vital factor of the north. A meteorite strike created a 700 feet deep and 13 kilometers wide Deep Bay in Reindeer Lake. As per the locals of the region, the place may be the residence of the river monster.

2. Canadian Parliament

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The country has got its beauty and charm well distributed in the form of buildings. The Parliament building of the country is the masterpiece workout of some of the most intelligent and creative brains. The alluring building is eye-sticking building, and it looks like as if it is some kind of monument built in someone’s memory. It’s that wonderful!

Situated in the country’s capital – Ottawa, the building has breathtaking art, sculpture, and architecture. Explore the beauty by yourself in the day time and don’t forget to check the scintillations at night.

3. Old Quebec

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

If one can not afford the European tours, then no worries fellas, the Old Quebec has engulfed all that beauty of Europe in one city. The city has got some marvelous artwork; architecture, skilled labor has laid all of its skill on the buildings. The craftings are one hell of a work. Venture this country’s place, which is the only fortified city of Mexico, the built of the stone age in North America.

With the passage of almost half of millennia, the work of workaholics is some of the oldest and is the most astonishing city in Canada. Enjoy and get lost in the place’s culture, heritage, art, and architecture.

The home of the cobblestone streets and pristine Chateau Frontenac, plus the place has got the world’s most popular winter carnival celebrations. The city charms every age group of people at all times.

4. Cavendish Beach – Prince Edward Island

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The crystal bright red sand reflecting sun rays of Prince Edward Island is iconic and is on complete exhibition at Cavendish Beach. The towering red rock from the beach contacts the freezing water and the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean.

The back of the site is covered with sand dunes and cherished red sandstone cliffs. It’s advisable to visit the place in the months of summer, which then has few activities to indulge with like water activities and deep sea fishing.

The regional farmers set up some sort of small market of unique dining and shopping choices.

5. Drumheller

5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The location is known for the Dinosaurs. In fact, this has the title of Dinosaur capital of the World. The site is placed in the center of the Canadian Badlands.

Back in the early years of the nineteenth century, the search was happening for coal in the middle of the rolling coulees near the Red Deer River, a massive skull of the dinosaur was found. Pay homage to the Royal Tyrell Museum to enjoy the diversity of dinosaur and their fossils.

One other honorable mention in this locality is Atlas Coal Mine which is a National Historic Site.

The Verdict

Canada is way more beautiful than described in the above words. The country has so many pleasant and charming places other than stated above that one will surely fall in love with the country.

If the traveler is an adventurer, then the place has more to explore from an adventurous perspective.