Are Bolero drinks good?

Are Bolero drinks good?

Are Bolero drinks good?

Bolero is VERY low in calories and carbohydrates. It’s perfect for those on diets, as well as those trying to make Better Choices while staying in better physical condition. Staying in peak physical condition and consuming the relevant nutrients can be very beneficial to your health.

Is Bolero advanced hydration good?

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s pretty tasty, and a good source of rehydration. This mix is something I’ve really come to love. I mix one packet in 20oz of water, and it makes a great drink mix.

What does Bolero advanced hydration do?

Bolero Advanced Hydration is a sugar free, low calorie, fruit flavoured drink to help keep you refreshed and hydrated.

What are Bolero drinks?

BOLERO drinks are sugar-free soft drinks that are available in a huge range great tasting fruit flavours. A brilliantly low calorie way of boosting your water intake. Our little sachets are handy, suitable for taking away and easy to use.

Is Bolero sugar free?

Bolero drinks are fat & gluten free. They contain no preservatives, have almost no carbohydrates, and contain less than 5 calories per serving. Sugar free.

Does bolero have sugar?

BOLERO® Instant Flavored Drink, in 9gr sachets is an instant drink enriched with Calcium and Vitamin C. Sugar-free and fat-free, it is ideal for a low-calorie diet. Bolero® is the original soluble fruit juice available in many flavors!

Where is Bolero drink made?

Bolero has been a popular brand in Europe for over 20 years, so when GoBolero founder Brian tasted it for the first time, he knew he wanted to bring it to the US. Luckily, he’s located in Utah – the perfect location to serve all 50 states. We’ve been selling it across the country ever since.

Is Bolero gluten free?

Bolero is gluten- and sugar-free, low in calories, lactose-free, contains natural colorants and no preservatives.

Does Bolero contain caffeine?


How many calories does bolero have?

Bolero drinks consist of 9 g of powder per sachet, have different fruity flavors, are rich in vitamin C and have only 2 calories per 100 ml.

How many flavours are there in Bolero drinks?

1 Bolero drinks are available in huge variety of flavours, more than 70 flavours. A flavour for everyone, for young and old. Bolero is gluten- and sugar-free, low in calories, lactose-free, contains natural colorants and no preservatives.

Which is the best bolero for Advanced hydration?

Advanced Hydration Top up your water intake with a burst of Bolero. Delicious fruit flavors from the experts in hydration. SHOP NOW

How many liters of bolero are in a sachet?

2 Bolero sticks, a format for on the go; So small that you can easily put it in your pocket, yet good for at least 500ml of tasty drink. 3 Bolero Classic format is for home use; Easy to store and yields between 1.5 to 2.5 liters per sachet. And for large consumers, we have the XL format; Good for at least 20 liters of Bolero.