Are Divoom speakers worth it?

Are Divoom speakers worth it?

Are Divoom speakers worth it?

Conclusion. The Divoom Ditoo is a fantastic little Bluetooth speaker with a fun and interesting design, which I love. There may be better value-for-money speakers out there, but the Ditoo offers a fun novelty factor that others can’t – and it would make an excellent gift as well.

How do I pair my Divoom Bluetooth speaker?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth, turn on the Bluetooth. e. Open the “Divoom TimeBox”, then tap on the ‘magnify glass’ icon to enable the Bluetooth search. Once the “TimeBox-Light” shows up on the list, please tap on it to establish the connection to the LED screen, and the speaker will be automatically paired.

How long does it take for Divoom to ship?

Standard Shipping Packages usually reach your destination in 15-20 business days, but occasionally take longer. Orders placed after 10 am Pacific Time may require +1 day to process. For example, orders placed after 10 am on a Friday may not be processed and shipped until the following Monday.

Where does Divoom ship from?

Standard Shipping We will charge shipping fee if sending to other places (Not in U.S. and Europe), or shipping from China (out of stock in warehouse), the shipping fee depends on the size, weight and your location of your order.

How long does the divoom Ditoo last?


Dimensions 90L X 113,8W X 121,2H mm
Playback time 6-8 hours
Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Battery charge time 4hrs
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

How do I play music on my divoom?

How do you reset a divoom speaker?

To reset the device, you can hold the lighting key for 15 seconds(while it’s ON).

Can divoom connect to PC?

It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, yes. Therefore, you can connect it to your phone, tablet, computer, or anything that supports audio playback via Bluetooth.

Can you use divoom Ditoo while charging?

Yes you can listen to it while charging. Personally I reccomend the Divoom OnBeat 500. The Voombox I had ordered was defective.