Are Trails West horse trailers any good?

Are Trails West horse trailers any good?

Are Trails West horse trailers any good?

I can tell you first hand these trailers are very Thoroughly quality inspected at every station. it is very very… More. not only is their product excellent but the service and people at trails west are superb to work with.

Where are Trails West horse trailers made?

Preston, Idaho
Our business has grown from the original one-model operation to an entire line of horse trailers, stock trailers, horse trailers with living quarters and snow mobile trailers, all of which are produced in-house at our operating facility in Preston, Idaho.

How much does a Trails West trailer weigh?

2-Horse Trailer Bumper Pull Weights

Brand/Model GVWR (lbs) Curb Weight (lbs)
Sundowner Charter TR SE 2H Straight Load 8,050 3,280
Sundowner Super Sport 2H Slant Load 8,050 2,435
Trails West Adventure MX 2,920
Trails West Royale 3,280

Are Trails West horse trailers all-aluminum?

Trails West builds our horse trailers on solid steel frames encased in aluminum similar to the way aircraft and automobiles are manufactured, with strength and durability as our #1 goal. This hybrid process creates a safer and stronger trailer making it more resilient to the stress and flex naturally caused by travel.

Who makes the best living quarter horse trailers?

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

  1. Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer. Cimarron Norstar Horse Trailer – Image courtesy of Cimarron Trailers.
  2. Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer with Hay Pod.
  3. Platinum Coach Outlaw.
  4. Featherlite Country Estate Villa.
  5. Sundowner Special Edition Series.
  6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters.

Who makes Silverlite horse trailers?

Silverlite Trailers was founded in 1996 by Dave Hyland and Greg Meller. The company builds high-end, custom aluminum horse trailers, with prices ranging from $8,500 to $100,000. Some models feature living quarters for humans in the front. Silverlite is the last aluminum horse trailer builder in the West, Harne said.

Are sooner horse trailers all-aluminum?

The interior wall and floor frame on every Sooner trailer is all-aluminum. Many trailer manufacturers use a heavy steel inner wall and floor frame that is covered with an exterior aluminum floor or wall sheet providing a rust and deterioration point inside of your new “aluminum” trailer.