Can fi look like fe?

Can fi look like fe?

Can fi look like fe?

Fi notes how interactions with others make them feel. It gathers external data and translates it into reactions and emotions. A realist Fi dom can easily be confused for a Fe dom, since they see things more objectively than the average Fi user and they don’t romanticize their own feelings much.

What does fi look like in a person?

If a person is emotionally mistreated or hurt by a spouse or partner, the Fi can look deep inside themselves and relate to how that must feel. Because Introverted Feelers are so easily insulted or offended, they know what it’s like to be hurt and they will treat others with sensitivity, caring and warmth.

Can INTP develop Fi?

Because Introverted Feeling (Fi) is the INTP’s 8th function, they can risk seeing it as overly-sensitive, useless, or incapable of accepting reality. INTPs may devalue introverted feeling or misunderstand Fi-users as a result. This can cause conflict between INTPs and FP personality types.

Does INTP have introverted feeling?

While they are introverted, INTPs can be quite outgoing when they are around people with whom they are familiar and comfortable. In situations where they feel stress, however, INTPs shut down their feelings and struggle to connect with others. Under stress, they tend to rely on logic rather than feelings.

Is Infj Fe or Fi?

For INFJs, we have the extraverted feeling (Fe) as our auxiliary function (the second function) and introverted feeling (Fi) as one of our shadow functions (the sixth function). In other words, we prefer to use Fe and use it naturally, while Fi is a cognitive function that we don’t use often.

Are INTPs childish?

INTPs are logical people and dislike feeling naïve or as though anyone has fooled them. They can have a sense of playfulness to their personalities, but it is often tied to their sense of humor. INTPs simply prefer to be knowledgeable and mature, and are often more cynical than they are childlike.

Is Fi function selfish?

Extraverted Feelers (Fe-users) often see Introverted Feelers (Fi-users) as selfish, and vice versa. Fe-users look at Fi-users and seeing them more in tune with themselves than others, perceive this as selfishness. Fi-users look at the Fe tendency to go with the crowd and perceive them as fakes.

Is Entp Fe or Fi?

ENTPs’ tertiary function, Extraverted Feeling (Fe), is a strong interpersonal function. This, along with their verbose Ne, contributes to ENTPs’ love for engaging with others possessing similar interests.

Can INFJs use fi?

Many people seem to be under the assumption that Fi is not an important function for INFJs. Fi assumes the position of the id function in an INFJ. The id function represents a process that is strong but regressive in nature. INFJs are very strong in Fi but it threatens to pull them back into a state of infancy.